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B2B Brand Mascots: Good Idea or Waste of Cash?
Brand mascots are a natural part of B2C marketing. However, is it possible to use brand mascots to attract B2B customers? What makes brand mascots noticeable and unique?
Seasonality in B2B Sales And Ways To Use It
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Belkins Basics. Building a Self-Managed Sales Team
For many, a self-managed sales team sounds like the stuff of legends. How do you hire and train sales executives who are independent and complete the business goals in time?
BIMI: What Is It And How It Helps Your Visibility
A relatively new TXT DNS record, BIMI has all the potential to change things for B2B senders and B2B recipients. If you want to know what’s so special about the latest standard, dive in.
5 Steps To Generate B2B Inbound Leads
Inbound marketing is complicated, but rewarding. The same can be said about inbound B2B leads. Without proper organization, the results are hit and miss.
Sales Prospecting and 5 Ways To Advance It
Prospect, prospect, prospect. That’s what prominent B2B sales executives suggest to improve conversion and increase close rates. And they’re not wrong.