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How to Generate B2B Leads
In this article we will outline the main channels for generating B2B sales leads and how you may be overlooking them or not using them to their full capacity.
Cold Calls and Why We Don’t Use Them
The cold calls vs cold emails debate has been going on for a while. We stand our ground, however, that cold calls shouldn’t spearhead modern B2B strategy if you want to have a long-term success.
Why Do Your Emails Go to Spam?
You send emails, but they disappear into the void, never seen by your recipients. Rinse, repeat. Sounds familiar? Let’s see how you can solve this case
Choosing The Best Timing For Your Emails
Timing is everything. There is the best time for falling asleep, the best time for hitting the gym, the best time for drinking coffee — and the best time for sending emails.
Belkins’ Tools: Streak
Meet the pilot episode in the Belkins tools series. Learn how we build sales pipelines, monitor Open Rate, track emails and segment our prospects by stages with just one tool.
How to Score Deals Despite Email Fatigue
Information starvation goes hand in hand with information fatigue. At some point, engaging your prospects turns from a piece of cake into a struggle.
Communication and Appointment Setting: Part One
Appointment setting is not merely adding the date of the meeting to the calendar. Appointment setting is a process that involves a lot of nurturing, talking, and nudging in the right direction.
How to Monitor Your B2B Emails
So, you wrote your introduction emails and sent them to your B2B recipients. Now what? If your answer is follow-up, you’re 50% right. Following up your prospects is a natural part of the outreach.
How to Write Follow-ups the Right Way
There is no point to sugar coat it, follow-ups are very easy to mess up. It’s a delicate process and mistakes can be made. To help you prevent them, let’s finally dig into the subject of follow-ups.
B2B Social Media Marketing: Effective or Not?
Does your B2B business fit right in? At first glance, it may seem that it has no place anywhere besides LinkedIn. The second glance requires an in-depth exploration of user mentality & your business.