Is Sales Outsourcing Right for Your Business? Let’s Figure It Out!

Dmitry Chervonyi
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Does delegating lead research, performing cold outreach, and scheduling meetings with potential buyers make you feel worried and uncomfortable? Then this article is for you. From our blog, you’ll learn:

  • Common concerns and benefits of sales outsourcing
  • Whether you need outsourced sales specialists now
  • How to choose an outsourced sales partner
  • List of top sales outsourcing companies and software.

What Is B2B Sales Outsourcing?

Business owners hire external SDRs (sales development representatives) when they see that their internal sales team won’t be able to manage the planned sales volumes or need to fill their pipeline with new leads.

Sales outsourcing is contracting professional salespeople to cover one or several of your sales functions.

The scope of the sales services you outsource can vary from finding potential customers to closing opportunities. For example, an outsourced sales team like Belkins can deal with researching leads, sending cold emails, and setting appointments. Some companies offer telemarketing services only or boost your lead generation with AI-based software. 

Below we’ve listed everything about sales that you can outsource. 

Which Services Do Sales Outsourcing Providers Offer?

Depending on how mature your company is and which challenges it currently faces, you may require various outsourced sales services. This list includes the most popular ones. 

  1. Researching potential buyers. Creating lead lists is one essential task of a sales department. The lists’ relevancy and health will significantly impact your brand reputation across spam filters and prospective clients. That’s why it’s critical to find potentially interested B2B leads who need your solution now. For this, professional lead generation agencies use advanced tools. 
  2. Launching an email outreach. Collecting emails is followed by sending cold messages to these contacts. Typically, companies outsource these two functions together. The main goal of outreach specialists is to grow open and reply rates of cold emails, so they personalize messages with relevant triggers to ensure they land in the recipients’ inboxes. Moreover, they regularly verify and test email deliverability to avoid bounce (nondelivery) messages.
  3. Scheduling meetings. B2B sales are almost impossible without the appointment setting. These meetings are best scheduled during a phone call preceded by several emails and lead qualification procedures. Since the average salesperson in a company deals with multiple tasks, it’s popular to outsource sales team members to handle the scheduling. This makes your in-house sales agents more efficient and allows the business to grow.
  4. Closing deals. Turning sales opportunities into closed deals is the final and most vital sales cycle stage. Discussing problems, offering solutions, handling objections, and finalizing the documents require a lot of skills and experience from the salespeople. Moreover, they need to know all the product’s features perfectly and be able to describe them to potential customers, so offering this service requires more involvement from outsourcing specialists. 

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Do You Need Sales Outsourcing Services?

If you still can’t decide whether to hire dedicated sales agents, these telltale signs will help. You don’t need to have them all to start looking for an outsourced sales provider. Even a single case should motivate you to consider expanding your sales team. 

  • When your sales reps are overloaded. Often, sales specialists have to deal with every task in the company’s sales process. They capture leads, craft cold-calling scripts, create email copies, update prospect information in the CRM, and, finally, make calls. So when every sales rep has only two hours for prospecting, your sales team needs help. 
  • When your salespeople lack skills. Sometimes, your sales staff may need specific skills to accomplish new sales goals. For example, if you sell to tech companies, presenting its value from the technology perspective and addressing the business leads’ pain points is critical for your business growth. As a rule, business owners won’t have time to arrange sales training.
  • When your company moves into a new market. Offering your product to potential buyers in other regions or countries can have some pitfalls. So if your sales management has ambitious plans to acquire new customers shortly, your sales team will need assistance from sales professionals already working in the local market. Many details may impact the results: even the accents of your sales teammates.
  • When your budget doesn’t allow for hiring a top sales rep. The outsourced sales staff is believed to be a cost-effective option, and there are good reasons behind this opinion. The main one is that recruiting highly qualified sales experts is expensive, and often their payrolls can go much higher than $100,000 per year. Also, add recruiting expenses, office rent, and equipment costs to get the complete picture of the needed budget.
  • When automation tools don’t help. If you already use lead generation software to get email addresses and run email outreach, it should streamline your sales and marketing processes. But if your sales team can’t meet the company’s sales targets even with this AI support, it’s time to engage new team members. Only the people have to work with appointment setting and finalize deals.

Pros and Cons of Outsourced Sales Teams 

Even if you understand that hiring an outsourced sales team can work for you, checking this approach’s benefits and potential risks is crucial. Below, we decided to mention pros along with the most widespread fears related to outsourced sales and marketing services. Because we know how sales outsourcing works, we want to demystify these misconceptions. 



  • You cut payroll costs. That’s the most widely known argument for outsourcing sales because decreased expenses contribute to business growth. But how does it work in practice? First, you don’t have to pay recruiting fees and spend significant funds on hiring top professionals. Second, you can hire a remote outsourced sales team that will ask for lower remuneration than their on-site colleagues. 
  • You have sales experts on board immediately. As soon as you sign the contract with the outsourcing services provider, your new staff is ready to start working. So you don’t have to pay for training and wait until your SDRs gain the required skills and put them into practice. And for revenue growth, those several weeks can be critical.
  • You leverage advanced sales techniques. Professional sales agents use proven methods and approaches. They know how to describe the value proposition addressing the problems of a potential buyer. Whether it’s solution selling, SNAP, SPIN, Sandler sales method, or another technique, professionals masterfully juggle them, keeping the sales focus. 
  • You can concentrate on strategic goals. While the outsourced sales team finds, nurtures, and qualifies leads and then books meetings with potential customers, managers can focus on sales strategies and business tasks. You won’t need to worry about how your new teammates meet their commitments, but if you want to learn how they work, you’re always welcome. 
  • You have less control over your sales cycles. Do you think outsourcing sales can turn into paying some company for services you don’t actually need? Well, that’s a misconception of the sales outsourcing concept. Your provider will actually walk hand in hand with you, discuss each next step, and get approval before taking even minor actions. 
  • You have less authority with the new team. Outsourced sales experts don’t behave like auditors who report to their managers only and are hardly interested in building rapport with your sales team. In contrast, outsourced sales representatives try to connect with you and your salespeople. That’s because they tend to find out as much as possible about your buyer persona and sales approaches to maximize the results. 
  • You risk sharing confidential data with third parties. Companies do have to expose some financial data to the sales outsourcing company they contract. But to avoid the risk of compromising sensitive information, it’s critical to work with reliable partners and have nondisclosure agreements in place. There’s no healthier way to protect yourself from a privacy breach.

And now let’s unpack what kind of company you should look for to make your cooperation successful. 

How to Find an Outsourced Sales Partner

Finding an outsourcing company whose business development representatives will grow your conversions isn’t challenging. These criteria will help you choose the right partner to complement your existing sales team. 

  1. Years on the market. Your ideal outsourced sales provider doesn’t have to boast decades of experience. Still, staying on the market for 3+ years proves that the company is financially stable and, thus, has a proven track record. So consider this factor even if other criteria are brilliant. The more experience the company has, the more value it can bring to your business now.
  2. Relevant portfolio. The industry knowledge of your outsourced sales team is a critical success factor for your business. So, check the case studies of the companies from your industry with similar challenges and pain points. Find out how they were approached and if all attempts succeeded. Also, contact some of the past clients to hear what they say about the outsourced sales companies you consider.
  3. Technologies used. Your future outsourced sales partner has to use an advanced tech stack. This applies to the tools for researching, recording, and prospecting leads and the possibility of analyzing this information. Integration with the software you use is also beneficial. Moreover, this company has to keep your data secure and compliant with both local and international requirements.
  4. Strategic approach. You need to understand how your outsourced sales provider will approach your project. Even on the top level, you need to know how new people will support your sales and marketing teams. For several years, this company should have worked out the methodology to approach the target market and be ready to adjust it to each customer’s needs.
  5. Responsiveness. When you outsource sales functions, you’ll probably want to coordinate every step of your new team, especially if that’s your first outsourcing experience. So ensure that your new salespeople will be available during business hours and through the agreed communication channels. Or, if you work through the point of contact, ensure this person will reply within a designated amount of time. 

Top 5 Lead Research Tools

Any sale starts with finding leads’ emails or phone numbers. And the more relevant those leads are, the healthier your contact base will be and the more conversions it’ll bring. So below, you’ll find a short list of instruments that can let you collect the emails of people potentially interested in your product. Moreover, some of them will help reach out to your target audience. 

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator

This top-notch tool allows you to identify the right leads, track their latest activities, and find trigger events in the largest professional network. With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, discovering potential buyers and prospecting is quick and easy. Moreover, this tool integrates with most CRMs so that you can log lead contacts and your activity with a couple of clicks.

Real-time sales-related insights and updates will help you immediately react to trigger events. With the Notes and Tags feature, you can label prospects and organize your leads, synchronizing the data with your CRM. And checking who has viewed your account within the last 90 days will let you detect engaged users.

2. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert

This tool promises to find any user’s email address for you. It will help fill your sales funnel with relevant leads as well as identify facts and events that will help you personalize your messages to business leads. This instrument boasts nearly 60,000 satisfied customers and over 1.4 million emails found!

Voila Norbert needs only the company’s website address and your potential client’s name to deliver a valid email in a few seconds. It uses advanced search methods, including its own databases, and returns the address with the score that estimates the found email’s relevancy. As an added bonus, this software has an API and a browser extension to make searching easier. 

3. AeroLeads


AeroLeads is trusted by giants like Gartner, Adobe, and IBM. You can leverage its database of 425 million prospects to find the right leads for your business. You’ll never get an old or nonexistent address as all emails are regularly validated and tested. This instrument works through the Chrome extension and can integrate with your CRM. 

Moreover, AeroLeads can be used in tandem with the Sales Navigator to streamline your lead research. Its informative dashboard lets you monitor the status of each potential buyer, so the usability of this tool results in almost 18 million prospects identified by nearly 173,000 active subscribers

4. Hunter


Hunter only needs the domain name to launch the email search for you. Well over 3 million professionals successfully use this platform to find the proper email addresses, and Google, Manpower, and IBM are among them. The Domain Search feature scans the web to deliver all the related addresses. 

In addition, Hunter returns only verified emails, which prevents your mailbox from getting hard and soft bounces. It also shows how various email providers treat this email’s domain and its deliverability. And you needn’t worry about the privacy breach as each address found by Hunter includes the public source and capture date. 

5. Datanyze


Datanyze delivers accurate contact data within minutes, keeping your sales funnel full with warm leads. This tool can research emails, desk numbers, mobile phone numbers, and website URLs from the LinkedIn profiles of your potential buyers, and you can easily export the account data using the Google Chrome extension. 

The innovative combination of the friendly interface, data accuracy, comprehensive dashboard, and exporting method help Datanyze’s subscribers get an exceptional user experience. The tool has researched 84 million email addresses and 63 million direct dials while staying CCPA and GDPR compliant. In addition, this platform delivers market share reports to keep you updated on industry trends, new technologies, and main competitors. 

Top 5 B2B Sales Outsourcing Companies

To help you find the right provider faster, we’ll briefly describe each of the five top B2B sales outsourcing vendors as rated by Clutch.

1. Belkins

Belkins B2B Marketing Agency

This agency offers lead generation and appointment setting services and helps businesses build a consistent sales funnel. Belkins leverages its combination of seasoned sales experts and advanced software to align your sales activities with B2B clients. The company boasts 4,760,850 generated leads and 201,658 booked meetings

Moreover, Belkins uses its own email deliverability service to ensure that 100% of your cold emails land in the prospects’ inboxes. Currently, Belkins has nearly 3 million emails delivered and 996 happy clients. So if you need the best sales team on board, this top-notch agency is ready to work on your behalf.

2. SalesRoads


America’s leading brands like Microsoft, Parker, and Shell trust SalesRoads lead generating services. That’s because this brand uses a unique qualification methodology for identifying sales opportunities. Also, it invests in training the outsourced SDRs so they sound like your in-house employees. They offer an optimized mix of arrangements and tools to meet each client’s needs. 

First, this provider needs to understand your goals and assess expectations to develop a consistent sales strategy. Then SalesRoads’ data experts create healthy and relevant contact lists and upload that data into your CRM. After that, dedicated SDRs craft appealing outreach campaigns and engaging phone scripts.

3. Martal Group

Martal Group

Martal Group promises to power your sales with data-driven insights and human intelligence. With over 12 years in business, this company has employed 100+ U.S.-based sales managers and created four databases, including 100 million contacts. Martal Group specializes in generating qualified leads for B2B tech companies using inbound and outbound techniques.

So this outsourcing provider can identify the suitable parameters for your ideal customer and develop an optimized sales action plan in any subsection of the tech industry. That’s because its team captures the real-time intent data to generate unique keywords to pinpoint companies looking for your product or services.

4. Cleverly


Cleverly is one of the top LinkedIn lead generation companies that boasts over 151,000 high-quality leads and more than $37 million generated for its clients. This network analyzes thousands of successful outreach campaigns to help you craft engaging, personalized, and proven messages. So getting positive responses from your dream clients is possible.

A dedicated SDR from Cleverly will build targeted lists of your ideal customers and send catchy messages to thousands of LinkedIn accounts matching your buyer persona. And you’ll get an immediate notification once you get a reply. This way, you won’t miss the opportunity to convert the prospect into a customer and close the deal.

5. Lead Generators International

Lead Generators International

This company boasts 30+ years of experience delivering outstanding customer service and launching high-ROI campaigns. Lead Generators International (LGI) thoroughly researches potential customers, sets appointments with ready-to-buy leads, registers attendees for online events and webinars, and books demos. However, this company focuses on business goals rather than maximizing the number of calls.

LGI is ready to find clients for tech companies and craft technical and complex pitches proving the complete understanding of the service’s nature. Its specialists will create a powerful CTA, and the trained U.S. callers will communicate qualified leads to describe your value proposition in detail.

Wrapping up

Sales outsourcing can help your business grow and achieve goals when your sales agents are overloaded or lack specific skills. And finding an outsourced sales partner isn’t hard when you know the main criteria of a reliable vendor. We’ve shared the top five companies that will boost your sales quickly, so take the chance to upscale your business today. 

Dmitry Chervonyi

Chief Marketing Officer at Belkins
Since starting his career in sales & marketing 9 years ago, Dmitry never stopped searching for new opportunities that can turn the tables on sales development and the ways that shape B2B relationships. He is always eager to share his findings with the audience.
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