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Get an enterprise lead generation team to hunt top appointments for you With our ROI-focused appointment setting, ensure your solutions find their B2B users in new markets, sparking high-value deals.
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100+enterprise-sized clients
150%KPI delivered
We helped great companies get enterprise leads

We know the pains of B2B
lead generation for enterprises

Always put quality before quantity
Our offering isn’t “cookie-cutter” like a lot of our competitors offer. We pride ourselves in a custom approach built on specific business cases. We draw up a detailed account plan and properly research prospects one by one before passing the lead data to your sales team.
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Clients who elevated
sales performance with us

Check out how we help our clients elevate their lead generation and boost ROI.

  • Driveline logo
    Helping a retail service provider fill the pipeline

    Driveline, one of the largest full-cycle non-brokerage agencies in the U.S., had a very limited internal resource for finding new clients. We created and tested targeted email campaigns for Past and New clients which resulted in multiple meetings booked, closed $1.5M deals, and securing an expected revenue of $3M.

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    $1.5Mclosed-won deals
    90+appointments booked in 13 months
  • Sekisui Chemical logo
    Securing appointments with dream clients for a chemical manufacturing giant

    The goal of Sekisui, a Japanese multi-product chemical manufacturer, was to reach out to prospects in a very narrow-profiled market. Given this situation, our team leveraged the account-based marketing approach to elaborate a niche outreach strategy with very precise and personalized targeting. As a result, Sekisui got up to 6 appointments monthly and closed 3 deals with top-tier clients.

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    21appointment booked in 4 months
    15% deal closing ratio
  • ValueLabs logo
    Overcoming saturation in software development

    ValueLabs, an enterprise software development company struggled to find new clients in a crowded market. Belkins helped identify high-potential industries and reach them via targeted cold email campaigns. In just 4 months we brought over a hundred appointments and helped close 2 deals.

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    115 appointments booked
    115%avg. KPI rate achieved

We help enterprises sell products and services with a 6+ months buying cycle

We know the specifics of selling as an enterprise. We account for legal, procurement, compliance, and security hurdles. Our expertise takes hundreds of hours of preparation work off your team’s plate and allows you to focus on settling the deal.

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Unlock 10:1 ROI during the first
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Hundreds of clients praise our expertise, and our ability
to get sales teams in front of the right people.
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  • Dedicated account manager, SDRs, lead research specialists, and email content writing team
  • Strategies built from your business objectives, industry specifics, and challenges you couldn’t overcome
  • Proprietary email deliverability platform and all-in-one software for outreach, A/B testing, and tracking
  • 100% transparency and compliance regarding the strategy development and data of your campaign
Typical agency
  • Per-lead-based pricing models, that encourage an influx of poorly qualified leads
  • Sub-par toolkits for mailbox warm-up and email sending with subscription costs passed to you
  • Copy-and-paste checklist for optimizing your email outreach and delivering results
  • Regular updates, but not always at the right timing and with limited information on accounts
In-house SDR team
  • A need to build up internal lead generation capacity and provide time-consuming management
  • Hefty fees for lead scraping, spam checking, email sending, warmup, monitoring, and measuring tools
  • Demand for team re-education, expensive research, and strategizing when targeting new markets
  • Limited ability to scale the lead generation team up or down when required

Services we offer

Put all energy into pumping your business while we steer
vetted enterprise business leads into your pipeline.

Cold Email Outreach

Increase engagement, appointment attendance, and conversion to deals with clear-cut outreach campaigns.
300+Appointments booked
Up to 45,000Hand-curated leads

Omnichannel Outreach

Our most popular appointment-setting package involves 3-times the effort on our side. We mix email, LinkedIn, and intent calling to ensure superior results for you.
+20%Conversion rates boost
220+yearly appointments

Account Based Marketing

Increased team, faster scaling, and nearly unlimited A/B testing. Perfect for companies with vast TAM and the capacity to process calls we book.
HubSpot CRM migrationSecure adoption and maintenance
A dedicated savvy teamResearchers, PPC pros, SDRs, marketers

How we ensure a quick start

We keep only the most crucial launch stages. It allows us to start in as little as one
week and get the first results in one month, depending on your market.

Starting off/
First day

We get to know your team and business, discuss current sales prospecting efforts, and talk through your goals. With this knowledge, we proceed to design your unique value proposition (UVP) concept.

Defining the approach/
1-2 days

Your niche and product will define our approach to your case. Knowing the probable prospects and where to find them, we may suggest account-based marketing and/or classic cold outreach. 

Campaign prep and launch/
5-6 days

Based on your company and market data, we offer a custom outreach strategy. Our team pinpoints promising leads, crafts resonating sequences, and sets up mailbox configurations for the best results.

Running and maintenance/

From launch on, we send out email campaigns based on the researched data and use the results to improve iteratively. We engage more prospects every day, piquing their interest and bringing more opportunities to you.


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