B2B Lead Generation Blog

01 Sep 2022
How to Build a Rapport with Your Ideal B2B Sales Lead
Building a rapport with B2B sales leads is a challenge. Well, we know it and share some effective tips on generating more leads and converting them into customers –– with a more personalized connection.
Richard Crjijevschii
29 Aug 2022
Set More Sales Appointments with These 3 Secrets
Appointment setting can be challenging; nevertheless, you can easily manage it if you apply our top 3 secrets. Streamline your sales by creating powerful emails to increase the chances of getting a “yes” response to your offer.
Michael Maximoff
01 Aug 2022
How to Set Sales Appointments Virtually
Virtual sales appointments have been growing in popularity lately. If you still haven’t tried them yourself, here are some insights from Belkins that will help you get started and keep scoring.
Michael Maximoff
16 Jul 2022
4 Steps to Tracking the Results of Appointment Setting
So, you've filled your calendar with new appointments, and your sales teams are ready to go. How do you make sure you're managing your leads correctly? Here's how to track your performance in 4 simple steps.
Michael Maximoff