The 10 best B2B lead generation companies for 2024

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Here are our top 10 picks for best B2B lead generation companies this year by category:

Outbound-focused lead generation companies

Inbound-focused lead generation companies

Lead generation and sales intelligence platforms

To help you understand each of these options, we’ll cover their unique value propositions, experience levels, and whom they help most.

Outbound-focused lead generation companies

The goal of outbound lead generation is to connect you with opportunities for long-term business relationships.

For that to happen, a number of tasks are required to attract leads. Each stage must be handled with expert care or the entire process comes to a halt.

Providers dedicated to the successful execution of each individual task are those most capable of forming and sustaining fruitful relationships.

With so many criteria to evaluate and so many providers to choose from, we understand you may feel overwhelmed at this point.

To help, we’ve compiled a short list to narrow down your options. Here are our top picks for outbound-focused B2B lead generation companies:

  • Belkins — best qualified lead generation and appointment setting
  • SalesRoads — best for in-house sales team support
  • Martal Group — best for optimizing domestic lead generation efforts
  • Callbox — best for expanding lead generation internationally

1. Belkins

Headquarters: Dover, DE, USA

Founded: 2017

Company size: 200+ employees

Belkins - outbound lead generation agency

Industry focus: SaaS, IT & services, marketing & advertising, retail, financial services, construction, retail, e-learning, healthcare, media production, and management consulting.

Best for: We adapt our strategy to cater to various industries taking into account ICPs and implementing tailored approaches. This ensures optimal messaging (copy), well-structured content, improved readability and eloquence.

  • Mid-sized to enterprise companies in North America, the EU, Australia, and other English-speaking nations.
  • Businesses seeking comprehensive, sophisticated, and scalable appointment-setting through cold emailing and LinkedIn, resulting in a steady influx of promising prospects.
  • Start-ups and emerging organizations seeking to explore new markets and innovative approaches.
  • Enterprises seeking to explore new hypotheses while ensuring their sales teams remain focused on revenue generation.

Notable clients: General Electric, TechData, Cisco, Berkeley College, OutSystems.

About: Belkins is a dynamic lead generation and appointment setting company, specializing in creating customized outreach strategies to drive growth for businesses across various industries. With a focus on innovative solutions and a results-driven approach, we help companies navigate the complexities of B2B sales and marketing, build market presence, and achieve measurable success. Our B2B-experienced team is comprised of:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • SDRs
  • Lead researchers
  • Email template writers
  • Tech email specialists

Strengths: What sets us apart is our white glove approach to customer care and tangible growth deliverables. We stay ahead of industry trends by forging partnerships and nurturing relationships.

Our approach encompasses lead generation, business maturity, and a range of services such as consulting, nurturing, and digital agency support.

We specialize in securing qualified appointments for your sales team. Through personalized and engaging sales appointment emails, LinkedIn outreach campaigns, and an ABM approach, you’ll establish meaningful connections with potential clients.

With proven workflows, we guide you through every step of the process, from negotiation strategies to lead organization, appointment setting, and even handling no-show situations.

Moreover, you’ll be working with one of the first B2B lead generation agencies that offer an email deliverability team as part of the client delivery department.

As a result, cold outreach campaigns will yield you higher reply rates, thanks to impeccable inbox delivery

We’ve found that a well-crafted lead generation methodology is vital to achieving success in B2B outreach. It starts with a meticulous lead research process, focused on identifying your ICP and establishing connections with the most qualified leads.

Pricing: Monthly pricing currently ranges to match specific companies’ budgets and goals. You can review the different packages we offer here on our pricing page.

Additionally, we offer customizable packages to suit your specific needs. For example, within our most basic pricing option, Sales Growth Package, Belkins offers a dedicated team to ensure success. This team consists of:

  • Account manager
  • SDR
  • Lead gen research specialist
  • Email deliverability specialist
  • Expert copywriter

Awards and social recognition:

We hold the #1 position for “outsourced lead generation” on Clutch with a 4.9 score and about 200 reviews. On G2 we hold a score of 4.9 with 85 reviews. Upcity currently scores us at a perfect 5.0 with 61 verified reviews.

Belkins is widely recognized for exceptional performance. Other achievements and awards include:

Proprietary products:

  • Folderly — An AI-powered platform purpose-built to optimize email deliverability. Trusted by over 150 companies, Folderly enhances the performance of email campaigns with unparalleled precision and effectiveness.
  • Charge — Our product is compatible with Outlook and provides a seamless solution for customizing and enhancing bulk emailing.

Case studies

  • JourneyDXP is a pioneer in digital customer experience with their innovative "Smart Rooms" integrated with SalesForce. After 17 months of collaboration with Belkins, their dynamic strategies secured 126 appointments, achieving all set KPIs and generating 19,390 leads, an average of 8-10 monthly appointments. Especially effective was targeting innovation titles, leading to their highest appointment conversion rate.
  • Belkins helped YorkTest, a leader in home-to-laboratory tests and wellness consultancy, break into the U.S. market, achieve a 95% customer satisfaction rate, and book 5 appointments per month. YorkTest initially faced challenges entering the U.S. market due to limited research capacity. Belkins’ strategies included targeting HR professionals and employee benefits managers, focusing on brokers but later shifted to HRs in innovative sectors like software development and digital marketing. We implemented hybrid outreach campaigns combining cold email and LinkedIn strategies. These resulted in around 3,000 broker leads and 1,500 HR leads in the first three months and were followed by an additional 3,000 HR leads. The campaigns achieved a 50% cold email open rate and 3–5% response rate, leading to the company’s first closed deals in the U.S. market.

Client’s voice:

The exceptional quality of their leads is impressive! We needed dedicated sales reps who could help us set appointments with large healthcare organizations. Belkins had to target pretty niche specialists in large corporations. We gave them the list of leads to reach, but soon they started their own research. Their campaign was successful. As we often visit conferences, Belkins came up with the idea to communicate with participants of those events, and this approach also brought us leads. In addition, Belkins offered to re-engage the existing clients as we ran out of leads at some point.
VP of Sales, Koda Healthcare

2. SalesRoads

Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL, USA

Founded: 2007

Company size: 200+ employees

SalesRoads for lead generation

Industry focus: SaaS, manufacturing, logistics, construction, transportation

Best for:

  • Small and medium-sized companies in the United States actively searching for outsourced SDRs and call centers to uncover B2B leads within their local market.
  • Sales teams that need significant external support, involving 10 or more sales agents and/or lead development representatives.

About: SalesRoads is a leading B2B appointment setting company based in the vibrant city of San Francisco, California. With an impressive track record of serving over 500 clients, they have successfully arranged more than 100,000 appointments.

Strengths: SalesRoads leverages phone conversations and emails as primary channels, while also utilizing LinkedIn to facilitate the research process.

Additionally, their team of domestic sales professionals adds to their competitive edge.

Pricing: Starts at $9,250 a month

Awards and social recognition:

3. Martal Group

Headquarters: Oakville, ON, Canada.

Founded: 2009

Company size: 200+ employees

Martal Group - B2B lead gen company

Industry focus: Technology, software, manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, finance, banking, professional services, cleantech, renewable energy.

Best for:

  • Canadian and U.S.-based medium and large companies seeking to bolster their B2B lead generation within the domestic markets
  • Companies beyond North America that plan to enter this regional market
  • Businesses that prefer account-based sales approach due to their complex B2B products

About: Martal Group is a B2B appointment setting agency primarily focused on the U.S., with dedicated teams for the U.S. (60%) and Canada (20%).

Serving a wide spectrum of B2B businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and tech giants, they also specialize in projects starting at $5,000, tailored to small businesses.

Strengths: Their accomplishments stem from a dynamic multichannel strategy that incorporates lead nurturing, email, LinkedIn, and phone calls. The company possesses an extensive contact database, housing 100 million prospects.

Martal Group offers comprehensive guidance tailored to its approach for each industry, and its business model is structured around multitiered service packages. Finally, the team operates in English, German, French, and Spanish.

Pricing: Available upon request. They offer 4 types of pricing plans depending on the project’s details:

  1. Outbound lead generation
  2. Inbound lead generation
  3. Outbound lead generation, sales & customer onboarding
  4. Lead generation, customer onboarding & account management

Awards and social recognition:

4. Callbox

Headquarters: Encino, CA, USA

Founded: 2004

Company size: 800+ employees

Callbox - cold calling lead generation company

Industry focus: IT Products, manufacturing, financial, health care, telecommunication, logistics

Best for:

  • Global companies looking for cross-border and local B2B lead generation services
  • Businesses in need of personalized interactions with potential customers through direct marketing channels, chatbots, and social media

About: Callbox is a leading B2B lead generation company in the United States. Much of their success can be credited to a multichannel ABM approach for generating high-value B2B leads.

By employing different channels, Callbox is able to gather a wide range of behavioral data to optimize various touchpoints in the process. Emails may be followed up with automated social media messages that invite prospects to book a call.

By mapping user behavior to intent and leveraging different channels at each stage, Callbox is able to identify, expand, engage, and convert leads in their pipeline.

With headquarters in California, they operate from at least 8 strategically located offices across diverse regions.

Strengths: Callbox sets itself apart with its expertise in over 15 languages, encompassing major Chinese dialects, Hindi, Malay, Thai, as well as Spanish and Portuguese. Their language proficiency enables them to cater to a diverse range of clients and communicate across different regions.

Pricing: Available upon request. Clutch reviews suggest a minimum project price of $10,000.

Awards and social recognition:

Inbound-focused lead generation companies

Inbound lead generation aims to compel the most qualified prospects to initiate a conversation with you.

It sounds great, and it’s easy to get spoiled by having your ICP appear on your company’s doorstep as an already-adoring fan. The catch, of course, is that inbound lead generation in B2B requires tremendous effort and skill.

If you’re going to succeed, you need to dominate your space with brand presence and the highest quality content you can produce.

Content marketing, SEO, landing pages, and sales enablement material all have a part to play.

To help you cut through the endless jungle of providers available, we’ve curated a list, based on our experience, of proven inbound-focused B2B lead generation companies:

  • ClickRoads — best for strategic inbound lead generation
  • KlientBoost — best for PPC marketing and landing page design
  • WebFX — best comprehensive digital marketing services

5. ClickRoads

Headquarters: Dover, DE, USA

Founded: 2023

Company size: 11–50 employees

Click Roads - Inbound Marketing Agency

Industry focus: B2B email marketing, branding, AI, and technology

Best for: ClickRoads is ideal for mid to large-sized businesses and B2B companies. They excel in implementing advanced marketing strategies like paid ad campaigns and account-based marketing, making them invaluable in competitive or niche markets. They also specialize in branding for sales, assisting companies with rebranding or improving sales materials. Last, ClickRoads is great for augmenting in-house marketing teams.

About: ClickRoads is a high-performance digital agency specializing in B2B marketing strategies. They focus on driving leads and revenue through omnichannel campaigns that maximize conversion rates. Their team delivers optimization and maintenance services to increase planned conversion rates.

ClickRoads is dedicated to orchestrating every customer interaction to foster long-term business relationships. They offer specialized package solutions to maximize the power of your advertising and communication channels.

Their specialties include LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, PPC, B2B, ABM, web design, website development, and marketing strategy.

Strengths: Excels at understanding your ideal prospects and the process they go through to become leads and eventually customers.

More specifically, ClickRoads specializes in user research, understanding buying cycles, and producing data-driven messaging via advanced analytics.

This depth of customer knowledge grants a considerable edge in their ad campaigns, ABM, and B2B marketing strategy over less buyer-informed competitors.

Pricing: While specific pricing details are not available on their website, on Clutch their service cost starts from $1,000 with hourly rates ranging from $25 to $49. The overall cost for paid search campaigns was reportedly reduced by 36% for the first week after optimizing, indicating that their strategies can lead to significant cost savings. For an accurate quote, it’s best to contact ClickRoads directly through their website or LinkedIn page.

Awards and social recognition: Although ClickRoads, launched in 2023, doesn’t appear to have received any specific awards or notable social recognition yet, it’s important to note that they are a relatively new company.

6. KlientBoost

Headquarters: Costa Mesa, CA, USA

Founded: 2015

Company size: 51–200 employees

KlientBoost - Performance Marketing Agency

Industry focus: eCommerce, technology, healthcare, finance, education, real estate, and travel.

Best for: Businesses looking to scale their strategies across multiple marketing channels and those seeking data-driven marketing plans.

About: KlientBoost is a performance marketing agency that aims to double revenue without doubling budgets. They offer a custom marketing plan that leverages winning marketing data from over 250 active clients. Their services include paid advertising, SEO, conversion rate optimization, and email marketing.

Strengths: KlientBoost’s strengths lie in their data-driven approach and the breadth of their team; clients gain access to the collective knowledge and expertise of over 130 employees at highly competitive rates. They also have partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, granting a high level of industry recognition and access to exclusive resources.

Pricing: While exact prices aren’t listed on their website, sources suggest a range of pricing tiers.

According to reviews on Capterra and TrustRadius, costs for KlientBoost’s services can vary widely, from less than $10,000 to over $10 million, depending on project size and requirements.

For SEO services, their website suggests that 38% of agencies charge $2,501 or more, with $1,001–$1,500 being the most popular range.

To get an accurate quote, contact KlientBoost directly.

Awards and social recognition: KlientBoost has won numerous Best Place to Work awards, emphasizing their dedication to employee happiness. Video testimonials further showcase client satisfaction. For more information, it is recommended to contact KlientBoost directly or visit their website.

7. WebFX

Headquarters: Harrisburg, PA, USA

Founded: 1996

Company size: 201–500 employees

WebFx - Digital Marketing Agency

Industry focus: WebFX provides digital marketing services to a wide range of industries. They serve both B2B and B2C markets including general, industrial, health, and technology.

Best for: WebFX’s services are also well-suited for companies of different sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises looking for comprehensive B2B marketing services.

About: WebFX is a digital marketing agency that offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services including SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media management, web design, and digital advertising.

Their team consists of over 450 experts who have partnered with significant platforms like Google, Facebook, and Bing.

Strengths: WebFX’s strengths include their general expertise in generating digital marketing leads, their proprietary technology platform called MarketingCloudFX, and a focus on driving client revenue.

Pricing: WebFX offers a range of digital marketing services, each with its own pricing structure. Here’s a summary:

  1. Email Marketing Services: $300 to $5,000 per month or $0.1 to $0.05 per recipient.
  2. Digital Marketing Plan: A typical monthly digital marketing plan for SMBs costs between $2,500 to $12,000.
  3. Website Design and Maintenance: $2,000 to $75,000. Annual website maintenance can cost from $400 to $60,000.
  4. SEO Packages: Start at $3,000 per month.
  5. SEO Pricing: $1,375.00 to $3,275.00. For an Enterprise plan, you can contact WebFX to get a quote.

Please note that these are estimated costs. It’s always best to directly contact WebFX for a more accurate quote.

Awards and social recognition: WebFX boasts a client retention rate of 91% and a client recommendation score that’s 488% higher than the nationwide average.

Lead generation and sales intelligence platforms

Platforms aren’t agencies. Even the more comprehensive ones do not operate as fully outsourced or automated lead generation service providers.

Conversely, if you’re looking to supplement your in-house team, these services can help you adopt a more surgical approach for a wide range of efforts.

The key is in understanding your own business needs. Are you trying to reduce your operations cost? Improve lead quality through research? Or do you need to set up an expansive database of contacts for prospecting?

Whatever your current sales and marketing pain points, we encourage you to evaluate each of these platforms as you would the aforementioned companies.

Namely, who are you working with? How do they work with you? What can they really promise in terms of results?

Here’s our selection of software platforms that can be game-changers for sales and marketing:

  • Apollo — best all-in-one sales intelligence platform
  • Cognism — best for global sales intelligence and GDPR-compliance
  • Lusha — best for direct contact information

8. Apollo

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, USA

Founded: 2015

Company size: 201–500 employees

Apollo - B2B Leads Database

Industry focus: offers services to a broad range of industries, including computer software, information technology and services, SaaS, machine learning, and technology. is designed to assist sales and marketing teams in companies of all sizes — from startups to large enterprises — across various industries.

Best for: Apollo is best for sales teams looking for a comprehensive platform with access to a vast database of B2B contacts, AI-powered engagement workflows, and tools for data enrichment.

About: Apollo is a sales technology platform that offers a range of tools and services to help sales teams find and convert leads.

They offer access to a database of over 270 million contacts, engagement workflows powered by AI, and tools for data enrichment.

Apollo also provides conversation and deal intelligence, analytics, mass email capabilities, and coaching to help close deals faster.

Strengths: Apollo’s strengths lie in their extensive database of B2B contacts, its AI-powered engagement workflows, and its comprehensive suite of tools for finding, engaging, and closing leads.

Pricing: offers several pricing tiers. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Free Plan: Provides users with basic functionality.
  2. Basic Plan: $49 per user per month if billed annually. Includes everything in the free plan, plus advanced filters and uncapped features.
  3. Professional Plan: The professional plan is’s most popular tier. It costs $79 per user per month if billed annually or $99 per user per month if you pay monthly.
  4. Organization Plan: The Organization plan costs $149 per user per month if billed annually.

A free trial of is available for users who want to try out their services before committing to a paid plan. Please note that these are estimated costs, and the actual cost may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of your business. Contact for a more accurate quote.

Awards and social recognition: Apollo is highly rated on G2, with a score of 4.8 out of 5 based on 6,381 reviews, making it the #1 ranked sales intelligence and sales engagement solution on the platform.

9. Cognism

Headquarters: London, England

Founded: 2015

Company size: 501–1,000 employees

Cognism - B2B data solutions and sales intelligence services

Industry focus: Cognism is a versatile B2B sales intelligence platform serving any industry relying on accurate B2B sales intelligence.

Best for: B2B businesses looking for a comprehensive platform with access to a vast database of contacts, tools for data enrichment, and sales intelligence.

About: Cognism is a sales intelligence provider that offers a range of tools and services to help businesses make meaningful connections with other businesses.

They offer access to a database of B2B contacts, tools for data enrichment, and sales intelligence. They also provide phone-verified mobile numbers and emails of potential clients and help businesses identify ideal fit accounts and prioritize buyers who are ready to buy.

Strengths: Cognism’s advantage comes from their database of B2B contacts.

An extensive list of GDPR-compliant, phone-verified prospect names, numbers, and email addresses works as an operational backbone for your sales and marketing team.

Moreover, insights into a large body of data provide signals for engagement opportunities and softer closing.

Pricing: Cognism’s pricing structure is primarily based on an annual access fee and a user fee. The company offers 2 main plans — Diamond and Platinum, each providing different features and resources.

Cognism prefers to discuss pricing directly with potential customers to provide the most accurate quote based on their unique needs.

A free trial or demo might be available, but for more detailed information about pricing, features, and possible discounts, contact Cognism directly.

Awards and social recognition: Cognism claims to be the favorite sales intelligence provider of over 1800+ revenue teams.

10. Lusha

Headquarters: Boston, MA, USA

Founded: 2016

Company size: 201-500 employees

Lusha - B2B Sales Intelligence Solution

Industry focus: Lusha offers a B2B sales intelligence solution for various industries, helping salespeople, marketers, and recruiters find and connect with potential leads.

Best for: Being industry agnostic, they also work well for a wide range of company sizes, from SMBs to enterprise-level corporations.

Their offerings are designed to support various sales, marketing, and recruitment operations.

Data insights help identify leads, provide contact details, as well as optimize marketing efforts for more targeted approaches. In terms of recruitment, Lusha helps source and filter candidates by sharing details and information for direct outreach.

About: Lusha is a sales intelligence solution that provides accurate B2B company and contact data. It offers prospecting, buyer intelligence, enrichment, and integration capabilities.

Strengths: Unrivaled data quality, ability to help users prospect better, ramp reps up faster, and drive revenue.

Pricing: Lusha offers four distinct pricing plans.

  1. Free Plan: $0 per user/month and includes 5 credits for one user. The features include direct phone numbers, landline phone numbers, email addresses, basic prospecting platform, basic Chrome extension, and company data. It also provides compliance with GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and ISO 27701.
  2. Pro Plan: $29 per user/month when billed annually, this plan includes 480 credits for one user. In addition to everything in the Free plan, the Pro plan offers list management, list export, basic team management, shared credit pool, contact management, and lists management.
  3. Premium Plan: $51 per user/month when billed annually and offers 960 credits for one user. It includes everything in the Pro plan, plus prospecting bulk show (25 contacts), extension bulk show (25 contacts), basic usage analytics, credit usage overview, and usage analytics.
  4. Scale Plan: The pricing for this plan is not mentioned, suggesting it may be customized based on the user’s specific needs. This plan includes unlimited contacts, manual shows of up to 25 contacts, CSV enrichment, prospecting bulk show (1,000 contacts), CRM integrations, SSO, advanced team management, customer success manager, and intent signals. There are also several add-ons available.

Please note that all prices are subject to change, check Lusha’s official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and recent information.

Awards and social recognition: Lusha has been praised for its data accuracy and sales intelligence on TrustRadius.

A final word: How to qualify companies and stay ahead of the curve

When qualifying outsourced providers, first look to testimonials, social proof, and in-depth case studies. Follow up by asking about guarantees, growth marketing, and risks.

For future considerations, know that working with a larger company offers benefits such as access to diverse perspectives and resources for experimentation.

AI and automation, in particular, hold exciting possibilities for experimenting with new approaches in sales and marketing.

Finally, having experts dedicated to different stages of the lead generation process is key. These are the individuals who are continuously learning and growing in real time with these technologies. They are the essential ingredient for finding innovative ways to stay ahead of the B2B lead generation curve.

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