500% ROI in just 6 months with 4 new deals closed. A case study by a supply chain optimization platform
46Appointments booked
4Deals closed
Category:Appointment Setting
Industry:Software Development
Headquarters:San Diego, California, USA
Company size:1-10 employees
imagePhillip GeltmanCEO at Growthsayer
Publishedcalendar-icon15 Feb 2023
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About Growthsayer

Growthsayer is a USA-based supply chain AI-powered platform geared toward streamlining and optimizing retail businesses’ processes. With smart AI algorithms, retailers can increase their profit margins with simplified ordering while minimizing out-of-stocks, and maximizing cash flows. 

Based on data-backed recommendations and accurate predictions, retailers are empowered to control finance expenditures, automate ordering, predict SKU (stock-keeping unit), prevent stock-outs, make better decisions with analytical insights, and ultimately improve ROI.

Responsible Team

imageOleksandra StepanovaAccount Manager
imageAlina PavlenkoSDR


Initially, the company was focused on the cannabis market. Exploring new markets and entering new sub-industries requires profound research of the target audiences and appropriate paradigm shifts in prospecting. The “language” you speak with one retail business can be incomprehensible to other audiences. 

In this case, the client faced the challenge of expanding the audience and coming up with a unique approach to properly target them. 

Lead generation for SoftDev

Expanding target audience and opening up new markets, Belkins has helped the client to get over 6,600 leads. 


  • Expanding new opportunities. For the first few months, our main focus was on opening up new markets and targeting various retail companies: cosmetics, sports nutrition, vitamins, personal care, consumer goods, textiles, etc. Moreover, to foster our efforts, we augmented the pipeline by targeting businesses from Europe, besides prospects located in the USA.
  • Elaborating upon an individual, hybrid approach. Adhering to best practices while reaching out to prospects is one of the main requirements in Belkins’ outbound marketing. However, there's always room for improvements and adaptations that help outperform and get better results. In collaboration with the Growthsayer team, we came up with an out-of-the-box approach combining the client’s own vision and Belkins’ benchmarks. As a result, we reinvented outreach templates by utilizing semantic accents such as the client’s jokes, hooks, play-on-words, puns, etc.
  • New target industry. By heavily involving our researchers and account managers, we identified the manufacturing industry to be a promising opportunity for the client’s business scaling requirement, which proved to be fruitful.


Lead generation for a Supply Chain Optimization Platform

  • The total number of leads generated was 6,600, with closing 4 deals (2 - signed, 2 - in the process).
  • In six months, we managed to deliver 46 appointments.
  • The outreach campaign brought a 49% open rate and a 5.27% reply rate.

Challenges Belkins Encountered 

Changing targets slowed down the results. Following the client’s goals to expand the market, in the first couple of months, the traction turned out to be a bit lower than expected, resulting in 850 leads per month. It took us more time to research new audiences and evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Once we received the first appointments, we analyzed the sub-industries the prospects operate in and their titles, to focus tightly in the next quota. This impacted greater results. With the larger number of leads and each iteration we made, we managed to book 10 appointments in the third month.

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