34 appointments in 2 months: the results of a strategic outreach for a mental health app provider
  • 34appointments booked in 2 months
  • 130% avg. KPI rate achieved
Category:Appointment Setting
Industry:Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Headquarters:Menlo Park, California, USA
Company size:51-200 employees
Garrett Grohman
Garrett GrohmanSales Director at Mindstrong
  • Published
    icon23 Dec 2022
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About Mindstrong

Mindstrong is one of the leading mental health app providers in the U.S., with 170+ employees and a headquarter in Menlo Park, CA. Their investors include industry leaders like General Catalyst, Bezos Expeditions, and Foresite Capital.

Responsible team
Yuriy Boykolinkedin
Yuriy BoykoHead Of Account Management
Valentyna Dervisis linkedin
Valentyna Dervisis SDR Team Lead

Client's Challenges

  1. Rearranging marketing strategy. Like many start-ups who come to us, Mindstrong sought more leads to create faster sales cycles. However, their in-house team lacked the resources to do it effectively.
  2. Trying outreach for the first time. Although Mindstrong’s product is primarily for B2C, the client decided to focus on B2B customers for this campaign. This included mental health brokers and payers. To get in front of the right decision-makers fast, they needed to take a new approach – using cold outreach for the first time.

We needed Belkins to offer our product to insurance brokers and payers, so their clients could get access to our platform through their health insurance plans. (Garrett Grohman, Sales Director at Mindstrong)


  1. Value proposition positioning. While Mindstrong’s ICPs seemed very familiar in the decision-making process, tiny differences required us to consider making the messages highly personalized.
  2. Adapting templates to the low season. We use different approaches to creating emails, and the referral is one of the most popular (we ask if we contact the right persona and figure out who is the best fit for our proposition). But given the client applied to us before the holiday season, we assumed this tactic might not work. So we invited prospects to explore potential opportunities later on with no pressure. We concluded campaigns by letting prospects know no one would bother them with follow-ups until January.
Belkins team searched for leads, verified those contacts, and registered them in the CRM. Then they composed email texts, crafted follow-ups, sent messages, and analyzed the results. Also, they improved our email deliverability and monitored it constantly, so we didn’t have any spam reports. (Garrett Grohman, Sales Director at Mindstrong)

  • 1,700+Leads added to the pipeline
  • 26%Highest reply rate
  • 34Appointments booked

  • It took us just a week to get up and running and show-case real results. We delivered 2 appointments within two weeks, which was completely unexpected for the client given the low season.
  • The highest open rate of the campaign for payers reached an incredible 63%, and the reply rate was 26%.
  • For the campaign aimed at brokers, we reached a 62% open rate and a 9% reply rate.
  • In 2 months of outreach, we delivered 34 meetings for Mindstrong — we outperformed our monthly quota of 15 appointments.
  • Due to the end of the year, many interested prospects decided to hold off from signing contracts. Still, several significant opportunities in the company’s pipeline are about to transform into deals in the new year.

Belkins team was very reliable and responsive. During our weekly calls, they shared reports with key stats on the project, and we could always reach our manager via messenger during the week. (Garrett Grohman, Sales Director at Mindstrong)

Challenges Belkins Encountered

  1. Search above and beyond to make emails more personalized. Our researchers and SDRs undertook massive work to adapt our messages to both audiences. Both teams put much effort into this process, which paid off given the KPIs and ROI.
  2. Figuring out the U.S. healthcare regulations and market peculiarities. The health insurance and payers markets are quite complex in the U.S., so our international team had to get familiar with how health insurance offerings work and are regulated in the states. We were able to utilize our experience with other healthcare entities to set their campaign on the fast track to success.
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