Solid Outbound Strategy Helped Belkins Land 10 Appointments a Week for GoHealth UC

Booked meetings
Average deal size
Atlanta, Georgia
Company size
1,001-5,000 employees
Emily Gilman
Director of Sales and Customer Success at GoHealth UC
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About GoHealth UC

GoHealth Urgent Care is an online health insurance marketplace that has harnessed machine learning algorithms and the assistance of licensed insurance agents to help customers match a Medicare Plan to their specific needs. With the headquarters in Atlanta, GA, GoHealth UC has a lot of walk-in clinics across the US as well as online health care services.

Founded in 2001, GoHealth UC has progressed from a web development company for insurance brokers to an online health insurance platform to a unicorn company (with a value of over $1B) with federal subsidies. With the headquarters in Atlanta, GA, GoHealth UC has a lot of walk-in clinics across the US as well as online health care services.

Responsible team

Mariya Valtina
Junior AM at Belkins
Olena Sokol
Junior SDR at Belkins
Denis Shumilin
Research Team Lead


GoHealth Urgent Care works in the healthcare industry and has over 1,000 employees. The GoHealth UC sales team has targeted company sizes ranging from 11 to 10,001+ employees. Here’s a list of problems Belkins started to work with.

  1. Ineffective sales follow-up. The client saw their problem in not being consistent and persistent enough in following up with their prospects. Poor sales follow-up is a common issue for many businesses. From slow quote follow-up to lacking polite persistence with hesitant clients, ineffective follow-up practices result in lost revenue and frustration for the team.   
  2. Many ideas that should be prioritized. The client’s sales team has never had trouble coming up with outreach campaign ideas. New ideas were emerging all the time, and the sales team would always suggest some changes to an ongoing campaign or would run several campaigns simultaneously. As a result, it was not easy to manage and prioritize them.
  3. Over-traction. Probably because the outreach campaigns for GoHealth UC were carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic, Belkins received an incredible response from the audience. As a result, we faced over-traction and hardly had time to book appointments. So one of our goals was to set up outreach campaigns in a more precise way and have a steady, manageable stream of leads. 

What we did

  1. Were rigorous in the follow-up strategy. The Belkins team was persistent in scheduling appointments and getting calls with the prospects. For example, the professionalism of Belkins experts in following up helped GoHealth UC close their biggest deal. GoHealth Urgent Care had reached out to one of the largest schools (over 20,000 students) 6 months ago with no result. Belkins followed up, had 2 meetings, and GoHealth UC landed their largest high-ticket sale.

    1) Solid sales software. Belkins always equips its teams with efficient sales software that aggregates and reminds us about our sales opportunities. The tools Belkins uses log information requests, record customer meetings, and add tasks so any member of the team can check out the sales activities for each lead. Sales executives easily view activity status and respond accordingly.

    2) Clear follow-up algorithms. The Belkins team follows proven follow-up strategies. For example, sales reps reach out to a lead through different communication channels on Days 1 and 2 and then give some time to process information. Then they reach out again with added value. Each contact is persistent, polite, and has value. Belkins has a follow-up system in place aimed at establishing a relationship with a lead.

  2. Prioritized sales velocity over traction. When the Belkins team just started, we faced over-traction as we hardly had time to book appointments. As GoHealth UC had only four sales reps, we had to arrange a manageable flow of high-quality leads.

  3. Created metrics for measuring our email copy success. The sales teams who craft the content must be able to monitor how their content is performing, including whether it is being viewed and whether it is having any impact on deals. Meanwhile, the organization must have ways of identifying which content is performing well and which isn’t. It must also have internal performance metrics for maximizing quality content and leads — metrics that ensure that only quality content makes it into the library.
  4. Adjusted the pipeline. The Belkins team found that the industry itself is extremely responsive and the number of responses we've received was huge. Belkins managed to scale the process smoothly and seamlessly. When the flow of leads increased, we doubled the team along with the number of appointments without compromising the quality.
  5. Made use of perfect timing. Timing definitely was one of the reasons for our success. GoHealth Urgent Care hired Belkins right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, where everyone was in need of testing. And we used it in our templates. Belkins had insights to reach out to unexpected industries, and it was successful for closing deals.
  6. Expanded an ICP. We would adjust the client’s ICP, target new industries, and adapt templates as many times as necessary. The GoHealth UC team would come up with special offers that attract prospects. Early in outreach campaigns, we reached out to construction companies, which wasn’t the client’s target audience. When GoHealth Urgent Care closed one of the largest deals with a construction company, they were surprised as they didn’t expect to tap into this industry.
  7. Optimized lead scoring. After we, together with the client, tailored their ICP and collected customer data, we set the score criteria. We wanted to make sure that only highly-qualified leads were handed over to the client’s sales team. And we managed to have effective cooperation as four sales reps could focus on sales while the Belkins team would deal with lead generation and appointment setting.
  8. Offered engaging proposals. The GoHealth UC sales team was very flexible and was offering attractive opportunities for leads like “sign up before March 31 and get a first-year all-costs waiver.” This kind of offer helped us with the ‘I have no budget’ objection. To make it more credible, we started offering partnerships in the states where GoHealth UC had a partner hospital and made sure to mention the partner hospital in the email templates. Also, we had an extremely successful outreach campaign when we would offer a partnership to HRs and Covid testing for their employees. A “campus testing offer'' worked exceptionally well for partnering with universities and high schools.


  • The right targets. Belkins’ key achievement on this project is the number of high-quality leads and appointments. By targeting the right audiences and using well-tailored approaches, Belkins averaged about 10 calls a week, having kept up the pace for 6 months. Overall, we were able to schedule 150+ appointments in 6 months.
  • Higher open rate. Belkins teams routinely have good email marketing statistics due to Folderly, a custom-developed email deliverability product, and a knack for fixing spam issues and hard bounces. However, in this particular case, we succeeded in having a 80% open rate and a 30% reply rate also because GoHealth UC attracted prospects with interesting offers.
  • High-ticket deals. The lead nurturing stage typically takes some time so there will be more deals from the appointments that the Belkins team has scheduled so far. However, by now, GoHealth Urgent Care has closed 4 high-ticket deals with $100,000 income. 

Key takeaways

  1. Be flexible. Belkins often change the company’s ICP, target new industries, and adapt email templates to reach their target goals. In fact, you can quickly see if your approach is of little effect. Being flexible enables sales professionals not to waste time on ineffective activities.
  2. Ensure good communication. Due to the fact that the Belkins team was in close contact with GoHealth UC, it was easy to solve any arising issues quickly. For example, an outreach campaign starts, and early results are sub-par. The GoHealth team comes up with special offers that attract prospects so that the Belkins team quickly adjusts marketing tactics and approaches to be successful.
  3. Don’t ignore problems. “Too-much traction” can seem like a ‘paradoxical problem’ because normally, sales reps struggle to generate leads rather than the other way around. However, having plenty of poor-fit leads is as bad as having no leads at all. So Belkins team solved the issue with a little extra communication. We adjusted lead scoring and added a second SDR to the project. These steps helped us cope with extra traction and handle all the campaigns. 

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