Over 100 appointments booked in 9 months outperforming KPIs for a computer science platform provider
80appointments booked in 7 months
145% avg. KPI achieved
Category:Appointment Setting
Industry:Software Development
Headquarters:Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Company size:11-50 employees
imageJoshua BallVP of Marketing at Codio
Publishedcalendar-icon7 Mar 2023
Reading durationcalendar-icon10 min

About Codio

Codio is the evidence-based platform for computer science education and tech skill development aimed at improving learner engagement and performance in universities and secondary education institutions. 

With the Codio programming platform, teachers can create powerfully interactive computing courses utilizing customizable courseware, automated assessments, instant feedback, and research-based instructional tools. 

Responsible Team

imageOleksandra StepanovaAccount Manager
imageMariia ObolashviliSDR

Client’s Challenges

  1. Need for consistency. Since the client’s in-house team was small and resources were limited, they addressed us to facilitate outbound and inbound processes and help manage workflows utilizing our own approaches.
  2. The core customer market is very niche. The Codio team required partners who would adapt and understand their market from an alternative standpoint and foster their outbound efforts with ease.


  1. Re-engagement campaign implementation. A big portion of the top 200 universities worldwide had already been using Codio. However, they were not as active in using the app as expected. Therefore, we incorporated targeted approaches that would re-engage leads and re-boot their product demand.
  2. Referral approach utilization. Before defining the ultimate form of email templates, we tested various ways of conveying the information to the target audience. First, there was an assumption that long-form emails with a formal tone of voice would work great for universities. However, it turned out that concise and straightforward messages were getting more traction and delivered more value for their audience. Case Study Review
  3. Assisting in inbound marketing. The client’s request was to get more traction from their inbound leads who were generated by interacting with their website. With this purpose, we integrated HubSpot CRM and helped in handling leads acquiring and validating irrelevant ones. 


Appointment Setting Results

  • In total, 80 appointments were booked in 9 months. 
  • 12 appointments were acquired from nurturing campaign of inbound leads during 6 months. 
  • The highest campaign open rate reached 76%, while the reply rate was 21%.
  • The total number of leads makes up 6,000.
  • Key performance indicators were outperformed each month with 6 additional appointments

Challenges Belkins Encountered

  • Limited market. Since the target audience was narrow, we had to fully immerse ourselves in the company’s processes, workflows, and needs to create unique campaigns that would resonate with them. As it turned out, reaching out to VIP prospects didn’t do anything productive. Instead, we used the referral approach allowing us to engage more people. 
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