80 qualified appointments: incredible results for the world's first AI-powered copywriting platform for healthcare

  • 80+confirmed appointments in 7 months
  • 50%cold email reply rate
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryArtificial Intelligence
HeadquartersPotomac, Maryland, USA
Company size1-10 employees

About Grafi is the world’s first AI-powered startup platform geared toward content generation for writers in the healthcare field. It leverages proven database resources such as the National Institute of Health, MedlinePlus, and PubMed. 

The main goal of this platform is to facilitate writers’ efforts by enhancing quality content with artificial intelligence algorithms and backing the copy with qualified and proven medical resources. The project is aimed at streamlining the content writing process for in-house marketers, freelance writers, and all creators who deal with content development.

Client’s Challenges

  1. Limited capacity for outreach implementation. The client required email outreach experts who would assist in identifying the target audience, enhance product positioning in the market, help promote their startup via cold emails, and find new active users.
  2. Unreleased product. When the client addressed us, their product was in the stage of development. Grafi were struggling to re-engage with prospects with whom they had already had appointments.
  3. Undetermined target audience. When we started our collaboration with the client, there was no defined ICP which affected how they were able to strategically acquire clients. So we targeted different industries before narrowing down their target audience.


  1. Market research conduction. As a startup, Grafi was unknown to the audience, therefore we tested outreach to different industries in order to find the appropriate audience and explore it. Based on this research, we helped the client to define the niche which impacted the product’s development.
  2. Narrowing down the ICP. In collaboration with the client, we targeted various industries before we decided to narrow down the market and fine-tuned an ICP relating to the healthcare field only. Focusing on the healthcare leads, we crafted tailored templates specifically for this industry, targeting healthcare companies, medical centers, and hospitals.
  3. Elaboration upon unique approach. Before coming up with a personalized approach, we tested various customized templates and modified them according to Grafi’s vision, tone of voice, and their unique communication manner. In the long run, we applied the approach that impacted great user engagement and a high conversion rate.
  4. Re-appointment setting campaign. The main goal was to re-engage with past opportunities that were lost. Thus, they needed to be reached once again to get a comprehensive overview of the new product.


Lead generation for AI-powered startup platform

  • During the record month, we set up 20 appointments. In total, these indicators reached up to 80 appointments in 7 months.
  • 1500 leads were generated per month.
  • The email open rate went up to 90%, with the reply rate reaching 50%.
  • We overperformed KPI, managing to close it in the first weeks of the month.
  • 50% of the appointments were booked with previously engaged prospects.

Challenges Belkins encountered

  1. Promotion of the product that was not released yet. This was our first experience in reaching out to prospects with a product that is in the development stage. We mixed various approaches before we finally defined the one that was born in the process of tight collaboration with a client.
  2. Unconventional goals. Considering the fact that the objectives of our clients relate to lead generation and sales increase, the various requests from Grafi inspired us to rearrange our mindsets. Our workflow required us to test various approaches, find non-standard solutions, and modify the outreach according to the ICP we identified in the process of reaching out.
  • Reading duration10 min
  • Published27 Feb 2023
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