AMI Global

18 months of email outreach resulted in 101 appointments for the hyper-niche pump manufacturing company

  • 100+appointments booked in 18 months
  • 29appointments with enterprise businesses
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryHardware Manufacturing
HeadquartersLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Company size11-50 employees

About AMI Global

Las Vegas-based company AMI Global is an Internet of Things solutions provider. Their remote connectivity technologies are used for machines’ health monitoring and equipment control. With over 10 years of experience, AMI Global has revolutionized fire protection, gas injection, water, and healthcare management through strategic partnerships with ABEL GmbH, Moleaer, New Frontier Group, Peerless Pump Company, and many others.

Belkins’s collaboration with AMI Global has started in June 2021.

Client's challenges

  • Dried out sales pipeline. The client required a steady flow of leads in their pipeline because their sales department has had limited ways to acquire new clients, especially big accounts.
  • Account-based sales. Targeting the tight niche of pump manufacturers and distributors, the client has a super long sales cycle and has found it challenging to acquire new targeted accounts.

We hired Belkins to help accelerate our company's growth through market research, lead generation, and appointment setting. (Nate Maguire, VP Sales & Business Development, AMI Global)


  1. Expanding the pool of titles. To reach out to the right people, Belkins studied the pump manufacturer and distributor market. Then, the team defined the titles they wanted to go after — Engineering/Technical and Sales/Business Development. For each, our writers built separate campaigns with specific messages.
  2. Building up an appointment-setting process. First, Belkins sent out waves of emails, working through different titles. Then, the campaign’s statistical data helped adjust the email copy while the client’s feedback shaped the workflow.
  3. Targeting big accounts. With enterprise-sized prospects, Belkins needed to cut through the layers and get to the core decision-maker. First, we reached out to 60+ top employees from the company. Next, we asked to forward our email to those in charge of particular processes. Finally, we started the nurturing process by contacting prospects we were forwarded. That’s how Belkins booked calls with companies with 10k+ employees and other large manufacturers.
  4. Nailing outreach content. To show how the client’s product is a full-service solution, Belkins copywriters developed content that addressed each element of their offer: hardware, software, firmware, and cloud platform. Belkins SDRs reached out via email to nurture leads and convert them into customer-ready conversations. Prospects responded positively, and the team gained traction with active conversations and engagement.
  5. Adjusting approaches. The Belkins team always tweaks the initial strategy to deliver more than clients’ expectations. For AMI Global, we re-launched prospecting campaigns with improved subject email copies and re-engaged prospects with revised offers. Also, after the discussion with a client, we started a Conference & Post-Conference approach which yielded great results.

The Belkins team is exceeding the project goals, and we are pleased with the outcomes. (Nate Maguire, VP Sales & Business Development, AMI Global)

  • 15appointments booked in just 2 months
  • 60%cold email open rate
  • 950MQLs added to pipeline
  • Starting in June 2021, Belkins has continued this partnership to help with the client’s long sales cycles;
  • Throughout 18 months, Belkins ran 14+ campaigns and reached out to 6,700 contacts;
  • In total, the Belkins team booked 101 appointments, out of which 29 calls were with enterprises;
  • The highest open rate for the campaigns has been so far 81%, and the highest email reply rate has reached 17%;
  • For this client, the conversion rate for appointments is 1.5%.

Belkins is proactive and attentive to detail. They deliver great results. (Nate Maguire, VP Sales & Business Development, AMI Global)

Challenges Belkins encountered

Despite our extensive experience in delivering lead generation services for manufacturing companies, we encountered a few obstacles along the way.

  1. A small pool of leads. The biggest challenge we faced in our lead generation efforts was retrieving new leads, even though we expanded the client's ICP to include Europe, Canada, and Latin America. At the beginning of the project, the Belkins team estimated that we'd run out of contacts in 3 months. This niche is so narrow that finding a sufficient number of companies that manufacture and distribute pumps has been like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, we pride ourselves on being creative. We brainstormed and found more lead sources. In particular, we looked for specific websites dedicated to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and conferences that provide their exhibition floor plans to get the names of relevant companies.
  2. Too few titles. When companies are big, you can’t expect to get to the decision-maker through two or three employees. To get to the right person at a company, we'd sift through a huge number of titles and test multiple approaches. For example, we wanted to get inside a large vendor and had 100 contacts. We reached out to each contact we had, asking them to forward the email to the right person. We kept coming back to the same accounts over time, looking for new people who recently joined or were promoted until we found our way in.

AMI Global: Video Testimonial

Ami Global Client Testimonial

  • Reading duration10 min
  • Published27 Dec 2022
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