MailCon 2023: Leveraging AI For Better Email Segmentation, Testing, Personalization & ROI


This April Belkins had a chance to speak at the MailCon Conference. Brian Hicks, VP of Sales, participated in a panel discussion about leveraging AI for better email segmentation, testing, personalization & ROI.

Here are Brian's top three takeaways from the event:

  1. AI is here to stay. Get on board or plan to be left floating in the water. Companies that learn how to leverage AI to work smarter, drive efficiency, and improve prospect/customer experience will have a leg up as we traverse into more innovative but uncharted water with Artificial Intelligence.
  2. MailCon was a very hyper-focused conference for e-mailers. It has never been more apparent that email is still the 800 lb gorilla when it comes to preferred communication channels. Personalization is becoming more and more important, and the days of "Hello Sir/Madam" are in the past.
  3. The fight for inbox space is ever-evolving, and it will only be more challenging to land your messages in inboxes as servers and filters continue to get more sophisticated. Having tools in place to give you an advantage is essential. In addition, knowing your prospect and crafting messaging that is relevant to them is crucial to move the needle.

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