7 best LinkedIn outreach and lead generation services for B2B

Precious Oboidhe
Precious Oboidhe
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This is our list of the best results-driven LinkedIn lead generation companies.

The right one for you will ultimately depend on your budget, organizational needs, and goals. With this in mind, we’ve also shared criteria to help you evaluate your options.

Quick note: If you want a LinkedIn lead generation agency that uses the platform to generate results for itself and its clients, , and we’ll get you up to 200 new opportunities yearly.

Best LinkedIn lead generation companies

  1. Belkins — best for businesses seeking a reputable lead gen and appointment setting agency 
  2. Cleverly — best for businesses seeking a U.S.-based LinkedIn-focused agency
  3. Pearl Lemon Leads — best for multichannel lead generation for U.K. brands
  4. Respect.Studio — best for SMBs seeking personalized outreach
  5. Intelus — best for offshore virtual assistants for lead generation
  6. Lead Cookie — best for manually generated leads
  7. SalesBread — best for guaranteed daily leads 

How we selected these companies

We selected the 7 companies below based on their reputations for delivering results. We looked at review platforms like Clutch and Trustpilot, considered their customer reviews, and evaluated the general audience sentiment.

1. Belkins — best for businesses seeking a reputable lead gen and appointment setting agency

  • Headquarters: Dover, DE, USA
  • Founded: 2017
  • Company size: 200+ employees
  • Industry focus: healthcare, marketing agencies, tech, manufacturing, and over 50 others

Belkins: LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

Notable clients: General Electric, UC Berkeley, Cisco, Born & Bred, and BetterComp.

About: Belkins specializes in ROI-focused lead generation and appointment setting with ready-to-buy SQLs. We use LinkedIn outreach to enrich cold email campaigns and attract our clients’ ideal customers. Since 2017, we’ve delivered over 200,000 appointments to 1,000+ satisfied clients across 50+ industries.

Our LinkedIn lead gen process involves:

  • LinkedIn profile optimization. We audit and revamp your profile to build trust with your ICPs. 
  • Thought-leadership content creation. We analyze your competitors and create differentiated content that raises brand awareness and warms prospects.
  • LinkedIn prospecting. We develop and execute an outreach strategy that helps you connect and book meetings with prospects. We’ve achieved LinkedIn campaign response rates of 70%


  • Proven track record. Our reputation for delivering results is why we grew from 10 clients in 2017 to 1,000+ in 2024. On average, we help our clients generate 200+ opportunities yearly with a 15% deal closing rate and 10:1 ROI. We’re also rated as the #1 lead generation agency on popular review sites like Clutch.
  • Varied industry expertise. Our client base is diverse, spanning 50+ industries. Regardless of your industry, we likely have the experience necessary to serve you well. Plus, our approach involves diving into your business specifics to map out the most effective strategy. Brad Moran, CEO of CitrusAd, puts it best when he said this about us

“They’ve learned the nuances of our industry quickly and adjusted their process to match our targets. Additionally, they provided consistent communication and a determined work ethic.”

  • LinkedIn expertise. Not only do we conduct LinkedIn outreach for clients’ campaigns, we use it to generate leads internally. Belkins’ LinkedIn profile has 6,000+ followers and is replete with content that builds authority. Our founders, Vladyslav Podoliako and Michael Maximoff, have a combined following of over 36,000 people. We have this enormous fan base because we publish compelling content that can lead to new sales opportunities.
  • Dedicated expert team for each client campaign. Every client gets a dedicated team of at least 4 experts. 
    • Our content writers audit and optimize your profile, create a LinkedIn content plan, and write posts that build trust.
    • SDRs send connection requests, monitor engagement, and reach out to the most active users.
    • A lead research specialist curates your list of valid contacts.
    • an account manager keeps you updated with the campaign progress and results. 
    • The goal of our experts is to serve as an extension of your in-house team and deliver KPIs on schedule.
  • Top-class proprietary software. As mentioned, we use LinkedIn to complement cold email outreach campaigns. To achieve the best results, we built Folderly to optimize email deliverability. Today, over 150 companies use Folderly. It also won G2’s high performer award in the fall, spring, and summer of 2023, among other awards.

Pricing: We offer 2 LinkedIn lead generation packages. The first is Connect & Outreach, and the second is Influencer. Contact us to get your custom project cost.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Belkins' Options

Awards and recognition: 

Case studies:

  • BetterComp is a modern market pricing analytics software company. Within 6 months of collaborating with Belkins, they got 29 appointments from a LinkedIn influencer-marketing campaign. With email outreach, the total booked appointments became 56 with $2 million in confirmed closed deals. Notably, 90% of the appointments were with enterprise-sized companies.
  • 7 Wonders Cinema is a video production agency with heavyweight clients like Mercedes-Benz, Mastercard, and The Atlantic. While the company had growth in the U.S., global expansion was challenging — but not for long. After their agency was referred to Belkins, our team optimized their LinkedIn account and grew connections with relevant decision-makers, among other things. Within 6 months, 7 Wonders Cinema achieved 4x growth, booked meetings from LinkedIn, and had multiple deals, each valued at over $100,000. 

Client voice: 

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2. Cleverly — best for businesses seeking a U.S.-based LinkedIn-focused agency

  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Founded: 2017
  • Company size: 30+ employees
  • Industry focus: cybersecurity, SaaS, legal services, manufacturing, MarTech

Cleverly LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

About: Cleverly is a popular LinkedIn lead generation agency. They’ve won over 224.7 thousand leads, generated over $51.2 million in client revenue, and driven $312 million in client pipeline for 5,000+ clients. These are great numbers. However, Cleverly does not qualify leads or handle lead responses.

Cleverly’s clientele includes enterprise companies like Uber, Google, PayPal, and Unilever. However, they serve businesses of all sizes, including agencies and freelancers. Beyond LinkedIn lead generation, other services offered include LinkedIn Ads and talent recruitment.


  • Local U.S.-based experts. The nuances of doing business in the U.S. may not be easy for some international talents to grasp. This makes Cleverly’s pool of U.S.-based account managers a great option for companies operating in the U.S. 
  • LinkedIn Ads expertise. Cleverly’s expertise in LinkedIn Ads means they can deploy more outbound solutions to help you win leads.

Starting price: Cleverly has three pricing tiers for its LinkedIn lead generation service and paid ads.

  • LinkedIn lead generation — $397/month for Gold, $697/month for Platinum, and $891/month for Teams
  • LinkedIn paid advertising — $999/month for Starter, $1,499/month for Scale, and $2,499/month for Enterprise

Awards and social recognition:

3. Pearl Lemon Leads — best for multichannel lead generation for U.K. brands

  • Headquarters: London, England, U.K.
  • Founded: 2016
  • Company size: 11+ employees
  • Industry focus: financial services, legal services, retail, and construction

Pearl Lemon Leads LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency

About: Pearl Lemon Leads is a full-service lead generation agency. According to their website, they aim to book 20 calls in 30 days, provided you first give them 6 months. 


  • Nuanced understanding of the U.K. market. Though Pearl Lemon Leads serves clients globally, customer reviews show that many of its clients are in the U.K. Also, its headquarters is in the U.K. Its experience and local presence make the company uniquely qualified to serve U.K.-based businesses.
  • 27+ years of combined experience. Drawing on their team’s shared expertise, Pearl Lemon Leads has created strategies that win SQLs in competitive niches. They’ve booked meetings with big-name companies like X, Oracle, and Mitsubishi.
  • Full-service lead generation. The diverse services of Pearl Lemon Leads make them a good choice for managing lead generation across multiple channels. Their service offerings include SEO, PR, cold calling, and cold emailing.
  • Results-driven lead generation. Pearl Lemon Leads is keen on delivering high-quality leads to its clients. Their positive client reviews show that they frequently hit the mark.

Pricing: Pearl Lemon Leads offers custom pricing for its three packages. According to its Clutch profile, the minimum project size is $1,000.

Awards and social recognition:

4. Respect.Studio — best for SMBs seeking personalized outreach

  • Headquarters: Lviv, Lviv Region, Ukraine
  • Founded: 2015
  • Company size: 35 employees 
  • Industry focus: SaaS, FinTech, PropTech, cybersecurity, and software development

Respect.studio LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

About: Respect.Studio is an agency that focuses primarily on LinkedIn lead generation. They also help brands optimize their lead generation and sales process. They’ve served 300+ clients and generated leads for companies like Salesforce, HP, Bayer, and SAP. 


  • Small-business focus. According to its GoodFirms profile, 80% of its clients are small businesses with an annual recurring revenue of less than $10 million. 
  • Emphasis on relationship building. Respect.Studio develops personalized cold outreach campaigns that resonate deeply and develop relationships with prospects. Such personalization endears prospects to the client’s brand and makes them more likely to convert.

Pricing: Respect.Studio offers custom pricing. According to its Clutch profile, the minimum deal size is $5,000, and the most common is between $10,000 and $49,000.

Awards and social recognition:

  • 4.9-star average review rating on Clutch (26 reviews)
  • Recognized by Clutch as a top lead generation service in 2022

5. Intelus — best for offshore virtual assistants for lead generation

  • Headquarters: Athens, AL, USA
  • Founded: 2018
  • Company size: 11+ employees
  • Industry focus: SaaS, advertising, real estate, and consulting

Intelus Lead Generation in LinkedIn

About: Intelus provides businesses with vetted offshore virtual assistants (VAs). Their goal is to enable companies to pursue growth while keeping recruiting and training costs low. Intelus lead gen and sales assistants provide LinkedIn lead gen, content marketing, ads, profile optimization, cold emailing, and lead nurturing services. They also have VAs for administrative, customer service, and executive assistant roles.


  • Quick and cost-effective staffing solution. Intelus says it can staff for any role within two weeks, as its database comprises over 2,000 English-speaking VAs. According to Intelus, their solution could save up to 60% of your hiring budget.
  • Access to vetted talent. According to their website, Intelus hires only the top 3% of VAs. This makes their remote-staffing solution different from hiring on other talent marketplaces like Upwork. Each candidate goes through a thorough screening process and receives continual training. Intelus VAs have 2–3 years of experience on average.

Pricing: Intelus has two pricing tiers: $1,499 for the part-time tier (20 hours per week) and $2,499 for the full-time tier (40 hours per week).

Awards and social recognition:

6. Lead Cookie — best for manually generated leads

  • Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
  • Founded: 2017
  • Company size: 17 employees
  • Industry focus: consulting, MedTech, manufacturing, and financial services

Lead Cookie LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency

About: Lead Cookie is a full-service outbound agency that has been around for 7+ years. It positions itself as a brand that delivers “hand-crafted” leads. In other words, they manually verify leads to ensure they align with your ICPs. 

Lead Cookie has completed 500+ successful campaigns and booked meetings with professionals at Cisco, AT&T, Microsoft, and Google.


  • Focused attention. As of this writing, Lead Cookie’s site features a banner that reads, “We are currently at client capacity for Lead Cookie.” This suggests they will turn down work temporarily to give their best to existing clients’ campaigns.
  • Experience generating leads in super-niche markets. Lead Cookie’s testimonials page includes a client whose total addressable market (TAM) was 99 ideal companies! That particular client helps oil and gas companies recondition and remetalize compressor cylinders. It’s a niche segment, which explains why the TAM is small.

Lead Cookie did manual lead research and identified the ICP and buyer persona. Next, they sent hyper-personalized pitches — this business couldn’t afford to appear spammy. The result? An impressive 373 identified leads, 28% response rate, 50+ engaged leads, and 188% ROI in the first 4 months.

Pricing: Pricing information is unavailable on the Lead Cookie website.

Awards and social recognition: N/A

7. SalesBread — best for guaranteed daily leads

  • Headquarters: Miami, FL, USA
  • Founded: 2013
  • Company size: 4+ employees
  • Industry focus: HR, IT services, marketing agencies, and healthcare

Sales Bread B2B Leadgen Company

About: SalesBread promises to help B2B companies generate one lead per workday using ultra-personalized LinkedIn and cold email outreach — even if you’ve never succeeded at cold outreach before.

They offer a money-back guarantee if they fail to generate 20+ SQLs monthly. In its 10+ years of existence, SalesBread has generated leads for over 500 B2B companies.


  • High reply rate. SalesBread’s average reply rate has been 19.98% since 2019, and about half of the replies are meeting requests or sales inquiries.
  • Outperforms KPIs. Client reviews on SalesBread’s site show that it often outperforms its minimum target of 20 monthly leads.

Pricing: Pricing information is unavailable on the SalesBread website.

Awards and social recognition: N/A

Criteria for choosing a LinkedIn lead generation company 

There is no single best LinkedIn lead generation company. But there’s definitely the best company for you. If you choose wrong, money, time, and potential deals aren’t the only losses you’d incur. Your reputation could get nuked, and that’s much harder to recover from. Use these criteria to choose the best LinkedIn lead generation company for your business.


A full-service agency may list LinkedIn lead generation as one of its services but have limited experience with it. As such, they may lack hands-on experience with the best practices that drive results.

It’s best to hire an agency that specializes in LinkedIn as a core lead gen channel. If it’s a full-service agency, review its success stories to see if it has helped enough clients generate leads with LinkedIn.

Industry expertise

Many lead generation agencies have a case studies section on their website. Review these to see if they’ve served other companies in your industry. During your discovery call, you can also gauge the depth of their knowledge and their willingness to learn about your market.


What are previous clients saying about them on third-party review sites like Clutch, G2, and Trustpilot? A few negative reviews may be nothing to worry about. But if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, run.


There’s no right or wrong here. High-quality service doesn’t come cheap. However, higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. Set a reasonable budget for your goals and filter your options based on that budget.

Working with Belkins for LinkedIn lead generation

With over 200 reviews, a 4.9-star Clutch rating, and a 5-star UpCity rating, we know we will be of immense help to you. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you build a predictable sales pipeline via LinkedIn.

To learn more about Belkins, check:

  • Belkins case studies: Our services have helped our clients (from startups to enterprises) generate almost 5 million leads. These leads provide revenue opportunities from thousands to millions of dollars. Read their stories.
  • Belkins Growth Podcast: In the Belkins Growth Podcast, VP of sales Brian Hicks and co-founder Michael Maximoff host professionals from various companies to discuss the most effective sales practices, market challenges, and business perspectives for their industries.
  • Belkins webinars: Our guests deliver exclusive insights you won’t find anywhere else. Take a gander at our published webinars and subscribe to stay in the loop.
  • BLKNS Community: Our community is 2,000+ members strong with folks from top B2B companies like Gong, Chilipiper, and Okta. Join us.
  • BLKNS Academy: We are sharing everything we know about B2B sales and marketing. If you want to upskill, make the BLKNS Academy your go-to resource.

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