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7 best SDR outsourcing companies (and how to pick one)

Madalina Pandrea
Madalina Pandrea
Reading time:14 m

Picture this: you're catching up with a friend who heads sales at a bustling tech company. They launch into a spirited story about a big decision they made last month after researching SDR outsourcing companies. Turns out, they finally signed a contract with what seemed like the perfect agency.

But soon your friend’s tone turns sour — what was supposed to be a dream solution turned into a disappointment. The leads were lackluster at best, and downright unqualified at worst. Instead of lightening the load and boosting their lead generation efforts, her sales team is now struggling with poorly vetted prospects and the strain of additional work.

This story might feel all too familiar if you’ve ever experienced the emotional rollercoaster of outsourcing services, from initial excitement to the tough reality of unmet expectations.

Here’s why: when it comes to picking the right outsourcing agency, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Despite enticing sales pitches and glossy presentations, the true measure of success in outsourcing SDR services is only about what works best for your company.

In the following article, we guide you through how to set your goals, vet potential agencies, and sidestep common challenges. We also share our top choices for companies offering SDR outsourcing services, and break down what makes each of them a great fit for different needs. By the end of this article, you'll have the knowledge and confidence you need to make the right choice.

Stop outsourcing trial and error — find consistent lead generation success with a personalized SDR solution designed specifically for your company's needs.

Choosing the right SDR outsourcing company: 3 essential factors

Successfully outsourcing your SDR program is a challenge. You're not just looking for any service provider — you need a partner who really gets your business, helps you map out achievable goals, and checks off all the essential boxes to make your collaboration a success.

It's easy to get caught up in the rush and overlook important details. Next thing you know, you're right back at square one, weighing your options again. 

Here's a practical guide on how to sidestep that exhausting cycle:

Check if their offerings align with your current business needs

When evaluating potential outsourcing partners, consider how well they align with your business's needs at the stage you’re in. Your business's size, budget, and goals are the factors to consider in finding the perfect match.

Take a look at a few examples of how to approach this:

  • Startup or small business:
    • Limited resources mean cost-effectiveness is key. For example, an early-stage tech startup may prioritize affordability to allocate more funds toward product development.
    • Scalability is essential for accommodating rapid growth. A boutique accounting firm may need a provider capable of scaling up quickly to handle increased demand during tax season.
  • Mid-sized company:
    • Balancing quality and quantity is how you ensure efficient lead generation. A SaaS company may require a provider capable of delivering both high-quality leads and generating enough of them to fuel their sales pipeline.
    • Flexibility is important to adapt to changing business needs. A mid-sized recruitment and staffing business may need an SDR agency that can adjust strategies based on seasonal fluctuations or market trends.
  • Enterprise / Fortune 500:
    • Reliability is paramount for large-scale operations. A multinational corporation may prioritize a provider with a proven track record of delivering consistent results across diverse markets.
    • Industry experience is essential to navigate complex markets and regulations. For instance, a pharmaceutical giant may require a provider with a deep knowledge of healthcare regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Niche industry / specific market segment:
    • Industry-specific knowledge is critical to understanding unique challenges and opportunities. A fintech startup targeting millennials may need a provider with expertise in digital marketing and finance trends.
    • Tailored messaging is key to resonate with a specialized audience. A commercial real estate firm may require a provider capable of crafting personalized messages to affluent clientele.
  • Geographic considerations:
    • A strong network of local contacts is vital for businesses targeting specific regions. For example, a hospitality company may require a provider with local expertise and connections in popular travel destinations.
    • Cultural understanding is important for effective communication and relationship-building. An international software company may need a provider with knowledge of cultural nuances and communication styles in different markets.

Finding the right fit: All-in-one automation vs. human-centric B2B lead gen

CIENCE's recent pivot towards AI in their all-in-one marketing solutions is a solid choice for companies looking to ramp up their marketing efforts through automation. But they might not be the best fit for every business — especially if you value that personal touch in your client interactions.


On the flip side, we've got Belkins (that’s us πŸ‘‹ ), with a strong focus on personalized service and ROI-driven acquisition. With a wide range of outsourced SDR services (and a track record to back it up), we customize each strategy to fit your exact needs, tapping into the experience of our skilled professionals.


At the end of the day, it's all about what matters most to you right now: streamlining through automation or fostering strong client connections.

Make sure they set spot-on goals and expectations

You’ve made the list, checked it twice and now you’re staring at a pile of proposals from different service providers. What now?

It’s time to make sure that both parties are on the same page regarding goals and expectations. Here's how to read between the lines of each outsourced SDR company's offerings and pinpoint what really matters:

Have they defined expectations clearly? 

One sign that the company might not be the best fit for you is if they fail to establish clear expectations from the outset. For example, if they don't discuss key performance indicators (KPIs) or timeline expectations early on, it could lead to misunderstandings down the line.

Make sure you have a thorough discussion with any service provider about goals, metrics, and timelines before signing any contracts.

Do their objectives align with your business goals? 

Another red flag is if the outsourced SDR company's objectives don't align with your business goals. For instance, most outsourcing agencies measure SDR performance based on how many meetings are booked. However, if they prioritize quantity of leads over lead quality, you might get plenty of meetings that end up going nowhere.

To address this, clarify your business objectives and make sure the SDR company understands and aligns with them before moving forward. Then, monitor their meeting-to-opportunity acceptance rate and meeting attendance rate for a more qualified approach to lead generation.

Are the promises they’re making backed by concrete evidence? 

Watch out for SDR outsourcing companies that make flashy promises without substance. You probably won’t be offered any kind of guarantee (if you are, that’s a red flag), but pay attention to those who boast about their success without providing evidence or case studies. It could mean they're more about selling than getting results.

To stay safe, ask for concrete examples of past successes and make sure they're upfront about how they work and what they can achieve. For example, take a look at this customer review left on Clutch for SDR outsourcing services:

This is what the company promised: “It was said that in the first 20 days, they would work on the ICP, Personas, and Playbook, and that there would be specialists helping the team to create those materials.”

This is what they delivered: “After 6 months of working together, we had 0 (ZERO) meetings. Our internal team had to help them notice some simple things, such as the script not being followed, or almost sounding like threatening people on the other end of the line. At the end of the day, all they cared about was to keep renewing the agreement with the company I work for, always with half-truths and false promises.”

A reliable outsourcing company won't promise the world; instead, they'll work with you to set realistic goals based on your needs and then go all out to achieve them.

3. Steer clear of these common SDR outsourcing mistakes

The strategic decisions you make when outsourcing SDR services can make or break your business growth. These common mistakes might seem tempting at first glance, but they're the kind that can come back to haunt you:

Avoid the market leader trap

Just because they’re the biggest name in the industry doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for you. For instance, a company known for high-volume, low-cost solutions might not align with your need for personalized SDR outsourcing services.

Look beyond the brand and consider what truly matters for your business. Tune into industry conversations and look within niche groups on LinkedIn (e.g. Chief Executives, CMO Network), or communities like Forbes Councils, Indie Hackers, and BLKNS.

Don't prioritize cost over quality

Opting for the cheapest option might seem like a smart move at first, but it could backfire in the long run. For example, a budget-friendly provider might lack the expertise needed to effectively engage with your target audience, leading to missed opportunities and low conversion rates. 

πŸ“Œ Tip! If you’re looking to optimize costs but still get quality leads, Pay-Per-Appointment (PPA) lead generation is a great way to scale up, control budgets, and increase revenue. Here’s our full review of the PPA model, including a list of companies to choose from. 

Beware of red flags

Fake reviews and testimonials can be easy to overlook but ignoring them could lead to disappointment down the line. For SDR service providers, check out the G2 Grid for Outsourced Sales Providers and Clutch Leaders Matrix lists and keep an eye out for red flags.

For instance, if a company has an abundance of glowing reviews with generic comments but lacks specific details or case studies, it could indicate a lack of credibility. 

Stay vigilant with performance monitoring

Sales aren’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of process. A good outsourced SDR company will continuously monitor the performance of your campaigns to make sure they're delivering results.

For example, if you notice a sudden drop in lead quality or conversion rates, it can signal missed opportunities for improvement and course correction.

Make sure the company you go with gives you access to the data and reporting you need to keep track of their progress and the results they’re driving for your business.

Driving success: How Belkins tailored lead generation for Driveline Retail Merchandising

To expand their already soaring business, retail non-broker agency Driveline Retail Merchandising needed consistent leads monthly. Their biggest challenge: limited resources, with just two people on their sales team.


Together, we devised an outsourced SDR plan to target the right customers and constantly tweaked our approach based on the outcomes. We tested 17 different approaches to ICP messaging, targeted 250+ U.S. locations, and continuously monitored open and reply rates.


Despite challenges like the client's limited availability and identifying decision-makers in large retail chains, we persevered. By adapting our strategies on the go and analyzing results meticulously, we set up 90+ meetings in less than a year, secured significant deals, including one worth $1.5 million, and set up future contracts totaling $3 million.


Projects like these show the importance of agility and adaptability in our approach. It's a testament to our commitment to deliver the best results for our clients by fine-tuning strategies in real time.

Belkins generated almost 20,000 leads from retailers and brands with 250+ locations all over the U.S.

7 best SDR outsourcing companies to choose from

Adding up everything we’ve covered up until now leads us to a select few companies who’ve got what it takes to optimize and scale your sales process.

We’ve examined each of their histories and gathered information on their years of experience, the industries they've served, customer reviews, and insights from their most successful campaigns. These are your top choices for outsourcing SDR services:

  1. Belkins: Best overall for SDR outsourcing
  2. Revit: Best for startups and SMBs
  3. SalesRoads: Best for fast-growing companies
  4. memoryBlue: Best for international markets
  5. Martal Group: Best for enterprise SDR outsourcing
  6. LevelUp Leads: Best for e-commerce companies
  7. Newson.io: Best for media and advertising tech companies

1. Belkins: Best overall for SDR outsourcing

G2: 4.8/5 (87 reviews)
Clutch: 4.9/5 (210 reviews)
Company size: 200+
Headquarters: Dover, DE, USA
  • Industry focus: Healthcare, marketing & creative agencies, B2B manufacturers, video  production, financial services, e-learning, retail, IT & services, management consulting, cybersecurity, SaaS, and more
  • Notable clients: General Electric, Sekisui, DeepDyve, OpenTeleHealth, Simply NUC, UC Berkeley, GoHealth Urgent Care, Cemtrex, Cisco, OutSystems, Berkeley College, HiBob, TechData 
  • Pricing: Includes 3 plans, each for different budgets and sales teams’ capacities, with custom packages also available

Belkins homepage

Belkins is a lead generation and appointment setting agency, specializing in creating customized outreach strategies to drive growth for B2B companies. Our outsourced SDR services include market analysis, team onboarding and alignment, personalized outreach, appointment setting, and performance tracking and adjustment at every step. 


  • Precision targeting: We analyze your market, TAM, and competitors to identify key pain points and unique selling points for super-targeted outreach. We design a custom outreach strategy on email and LinkedIn for personalized engagements and use A/B tests to fine-tune our approach based on real-world feedback and results.
  • Industry-specific expertise: With a track record across 50+ industries, we craft and refine targeted SDR campaigns to access even the most niche sectors. Our approach connects you with key decision-makers so you can scale into new markets faster and without straining your sales team.
  • Performance tracking and adjustment: We track each SDR campaign’s deliverability, engagement, and key performance indicators to measure success and areas for improvement. Processing each response manually allows us to double-refine messaging and targeting.

What clients appreciate: 

“Belkins' speed and professionalism. They're truly world-class experts in the lead sourcing space and can adapt quickly to any feedback we give them on a rolling basis. They felt like a highly skilled and specialized extension of our team, always ready to tweak their approach based on our feedback.”

Head of Partnerships & Sales Development, SaaS company

2. Revit: Best for startups and SMBs

G2: N/A
Clutch: N/A
Company size: 11-50
Headquarters: Sheridan, WY, U.S.A.&
  • Industry focus: SMBs, startups
  • Notable clients: ClickRoads, Folderly, Wordstir
  • Pricing: Pay-per-appointment packages start at $600, with month-to-month plans also available 

The Revit Homepage

Revit is a pay-per-appointment lead generation company. This model means you only pay for leads who meet your targeting criteria and result in successful appointments. PPA allows companies like SMBs and startups to outsource sales at a fraction of the cost and scale business with minimal resources.


  • Cost efficiency: PPA companies like Revit help you access high-quality outsourcing solutions without hefty upfront costs. This allows you to compete with larger competitors and secure valuable client meetings while staying within budget constraints. 
  • Resources and expertise: Leverage the expertise of experienced sales professionals, without having to hire and train them in-house. This means you can focus on providing excellent service to clients while also expanding your customer base.
  • Scalability: You can close more clients to generate income, then redeploy that income for even more appointments. PPA models make it more comfortable to scale as they allow you to invest less upfront, check ROI, and keep investing as you grow.

3. SalesRoads: Best for fast-growing companies 

G2: 5.0/5 (11 reviews)
Clutch: 4.9/5 (30 reviews)
Company size: 200+
Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL, USA
  • Industry focus: Manufacturing, SaaS, advertising, oil and gas, construction, and logistics
  • Notable clients: Shell, Parker, Clean Energy, Microsoft, Quest Diagnostics
  • Pricing: Custom quotes, but reviews indicate pricing starts at $10,000 per month

The SalesRoads homepage

SalesRoads is a sales team outsourcing company. They cater to sales teams that need significant external support, involving 10 or more sales agents and/or lead development representatives, making them a great choice for growing small and mid-sized companies.


  • Flexibility: SalesRoads customizes every SDR campaign by tailoring every aspect to the client’s industry and requirements. This flexible approach lets the agency and their clients adjust their strategy based on early results. 
  • Multi-channel marketing: Their main outreach channels are phone and email, and they use LinkedIn for research and validation. This combination increases their chances of reaching the right people (aka decision-makers) and turning them into valuable leads. 
  • Targeting specific verticals: Since SalesRoads focuses on industries where their SDRs have experience, they provide an outsourced sales service based on first-hand insights and know-how. 

What clients appreciate:

“How hands on and strategic they are. They truly have our best interest at heart. They want to understand us and look at us in a holistic way to ensure we're achieving our sales and company goals.”

CEO, Elay Ventures

4. memoryBlue: Best for international markets

G2: 4.5/5 (66 reviews)
Clutch: N/A
Company size: 500+
Headquarters: Tysons, VA, U.S.A.
  • Industry focus: Cybersecurity, SaaS, EdTech 
  • Notable clients: Box, McAfee, Symantec, Couchbase, Evident.io, Blackboard
  • Pricing: Custom quotes, but reviews indicate pricing starts at $10,000 per month

The MemoryBlue Homepage

memoryBlue is a sales development consulting firm that specializes in helping tech companies scale new business growth. In 2023, memoryBlue purchased OperatiX, combining two outsourced SDR companies to create a global conglomerate in B2B sales acceleration services. 


  • Cutting-edge tech stack: memoryBlue’s SDRs have access to some of the best sales technology that the industry has to offer, like Salesforce, FrontSpin, and ExecVision.
  • Global coverage: With their acquisition of OperatiX, memoryBlue works with and for companies across North America, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM to elevate their market presence, grow into new regions, and build their customer base.
  • Client feedback: The company incorporates direct client feedback into their campaigns by holding weekly client hurdles, having them participate in lead scoring, and sending out client surveys at the 45-day mark of the campaign, and then every 90 days thereafter. 

What clients appreciate:

“memoryBlue provides their SDRs with some of the best training which ultimately allows them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to improve their sales performance and enhance their careers long-term.”

Business Development Representative, Enterprise company

5. Martal Group: Best for companies that need a large volume of leads.

G2: 4.6/5 (111 reviews)
Clutch: 4.8/5 (85 reviews)
Company size: 200+
Headquarters: Oakville, ON, Canada
  • Industry focus: IT services, marketing, retail, analytics, adtech, telecom and connectivity, SaaS, enterprise software
  • Notable clients: Bosch, Halo, Monday.com, Wix.com, Samsung, Pinterest, Zoho
  • Pricing: Custom, with a 3-month trial for outbound lead generation services and a 4-month trial for complex offerings

Martal Group Homepage

Martal Group is a lead generation and sales agency that primarily caters to enterprise-level technology companies in the software, IT services, and cybersecurity sectors. They combine human SDR support with their existing playbooks and intent data from their sophisticated software stack. Their expertise in managing intricate sales processes can make them a great choice for certain technology companies with extended sales cycles in established markets. Because of their focus on intent data, Martal Group is most effective for capturing existing demand, but they might not be able to support you with an expansion to a new market or promoting a more unique product.


  • Clear and tested process: Martal Group relies on established playbooks with their established best practices. If you don’t require creativity or iteration on your testing and approach, their approach can be fast and effective.
  • Complex buying groups: Martal Group specializes in navigating lengthy sales cycles typical to the technology sector, where multiple stakeholders and extensive evaluations are common.
  • Industry know-how: Their deep industry knowledge and experience in the tech sector, particularly in software, IT services, and cybersecurity, allows Martal Group's SDR team to understand the unique challenges, pain points, and language of technology buyers, letting them tailor their outreach strategies and messaging.

What clients appreciate:

“We liked their ability to quickly adapt to our business needs, as our budget and the number of projects was constantly changing, and their clear and consistent communication throughout the entire process made it easy for us to stay on top of progress.”

Tender Manager, Mikud Group

6. LevelUp Leads: Best for e-commerce companies

G2: 4.9/5 (15 reviews)
Clutch: 5/5 (27 reviews)
Company size: 11-50
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.
  • Industry focus: Software, technology, SMB, startup, professional services
  • Notable clients: Certain, Distillery, Startups.com, Fortimize, Veeve, Stratify, Hootsuite
  • Pricing: Starts at $4,000 per month

The Level Up Leads Homepage

LevelUp Leads is a B2B lead generation agency and a done-for-you lead generation company. They work with startups and small to medium-sized businesses to generate interested leads as well as provide human-validated contacts found in real-time.


  • E-commerce expertise: LevelUp Leads focuses on personalized engagement and industry-specific expertise, making them a valuable partner for e-commerce platforms seeking to expand their market reach and drive sales among online retailers.
  • Scalability and flexibility: LevelUp Leads can tailor its services to any company,  whether a startup building its sales pipeline or an established business seeking market reach expansion. This approach ensures services match the company's growth trajectory and sales objectives. 
  • Multi-channel outbound: LevelUp Leads source new contacts and run outbound email, LinkedIn, or cold call campaigns to generate new opportunities for every client and maximize outbound strategy engagement.

What clients appreciate:

“We were impressed with their communication, experience, the results they delivered, and how quickly they could pivot.”

Head of Sales, TaskMinions

7. Newson: Best for media and advertising tech companies

G2: 4.7/5 (30 reviews)
Clutch: N/A
Company size: 11-50
Headquarters: London, U.K.
  • Industry focus: Marketing, human resources, business consulting, advertising, book and periodical publishing
  • Notable clients: Deloitte, AlternativeSoft, Smart Apps London, So Creative 
  • Pricing: Leads packages start at $757 per month

The Newson Homepage

Newson is a done-for-you B2B lead generation company. They specialize in providing SDR outsourcing services to B2B companies in the media, publishing, and advertising technology industries.


  • Automated and manual prospecting: Newson uses a strategic blend of automated and manual prospecting to ensure your campaign is extensive, targeted, and able to generate high-value leads and appointments. This approach means they analyze your outbound efforts with data-backed insights, A/B multiple go-to-market strategies, and target specific companies with highly personalized propositions.
  • Content-centric approach: They implement content-centric sales strategies, leveraging the power of content marketing and thought leadership to attract and engage prospects. This is particularly effective for companies in the media, publishing, and advertising technology industries that have a strong emphasis on content creation and distribution.
  • Data-driven insights: Newson uses data-driven insights and analytics to optimize their sales processes and maximize ROI for their clients. They leverage advanced technology and data analytics to track and analyze prospect engagement, measure campaign performance, and identify areas for improvement.

What clients appreciate:

“Their experience in lead generation, appointment setting, and sales. I liked the fact the onboarding was smooth, I met the team members on Slack and have had great interactions with them. They were always available and I could always speak with them.”

Microsoft Channel Partner Manager, SMB

What is the best outsourced SDR company for you?

Hard facts: salespeople only spend 33% of their time actually selling. That means that roughly β…” of your sales team’s time is spent struggling with prospecting, research, and admin tasks instead of closing deals.

It’s no wonder 48% of salespeople never even make a single follow-up attempt. They’re too busy finding and qualifying new prospects. At this rate, finding the right outsourced SDR company isn’t a want anymore — it’s a need. So, what's the answer to all the uncertainty that comes with finding one? 

Before making a decision, take your time to research and weigh your options carefully. Make sure you and the outsourced SDR team agree on what success looks like and how to measure it. This means being open about your expectations and goals, and making sure they do the same.

When there's clear communication and honesty, it builds a strong foundation for your partnership. It'll make the whole process smoother and more rewarding in the long run.

Our outsourced SDRs help your sales team close deals while investing 4x less. Book a meeting with Belkins

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