Alectric Renewables Ltd.

From Canada to the USA: 150 meetings and 14 deals in the pipeline for a solar energy company in a year

  • 150appointments booked
  • 14deals in pipeline
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryRenewable Energy
HeadquartersToronto, Ontario, Canada
Company size11-50 employees

About Alectric Renewables

Alectric Renewables Ltd. is at the forefront of solar technology and energy solutions in Ontario, specializing in the installation of solar panels for the commercial sector. With a commitment to sustainable development, the company offers turnkey solutions from system design to installation, emphasizing cost-effective and energy-efficient outcomes.


As Alectric Renewables aimed to expand its footprint in the competitive Ontario market, the company faced several critical challenges:

  • Rapid market penetration. The company needed to establish a reliable marketing channel to quickly increase its presence in Ontario’s diverse and competitive commercial sectors.
  • Scalability and opportunity identification. The client also aimed to scale operations and uncover new business opportunities amidst intense market competition.


Our team has cultivated a robust portfolio of email campaign types tailored to various business scenarios and ICPs. Recognizing the unique challenges and goals of Alectric Renewables, we moved beyond our standard offerings to develop a highly customized approach:

  • Precise targeting. We focused on large commercial buildings like warehouses with 1–2 floors suited for solar installations and reaching out to such decision-makers as VPs, Presidents, CEOs, and Managing Directors. This focus allowed us to discuss the potential impact at the highest company leadership level.
    Our primary target was Ontario-based prospects. But things got exciting when a prospect forwarded one of our emails to their corporation in the USA, showing a keen interest in our solutions. The client discovered that their service offering was very competitive in many U.S. markets. This prompted us to expand our campaign in the U.S.
  • Venue-specific outreach. Initially, we utilized a campaign aimed at manufacturing companies that fall under Class B electricity consumers in Ontario. These companies typically operate large factories and warehouses and are prime candidates for significant energy savings through solar solutions. We started with our usual outreach, but as we gathered feedback and analyzed responses, it was clear the campaign was just okay. It required a more tailored approach to hit the mark.
  • Applying personalization to adjust the strategy. In partnership with the client’s team, we refined our methods further. Based on the lead database, the client calculated the sizes of building roofs and assessed their suitability for solar panel installation via Google Maps. This personalized approach allowed us to:
    • Identify the most suitable prospects
    • Demonstrate the direct benefits prospects could gain from going solar by presenting potential energy outputs and savings calculations.

To create a more direct connection, we included specific details in our emails, such as the prospects' business addresses. We still successfully apply this conceptual campaign since it brings us tangible results.

  • 150Appointments booked
  • 4Deals closed
  • 10Deals pending

  • Engagement. The campaign achieved significant traction, with 150 appointments over 13 months and an average of nearly 10 monthly meetings.
  • Lead generation. We generated a total of 10,000 leads during the campaign, with an open rate of 55% and a reply rate of 10%.
  • Strategic wins. We helped a client secure a pivotal meeting with Loblaws, one of Alectric Renewables' dream clients. On top of that, the company closed 4 major deals and has 10 additional deals in various stages of negotiation.

Alan Morrissey, CEO at Alectric Renewables shared his thoughts on our collaboration:

“You are doing amazing. Keep up the great work.”

Challenges Belkins encountered

The start of the campaign was tough for lead gen. The research methods we were using at first weren't cutting it, and we were struggling to get enough solid leads. However, our proactive collaboration and the client’s industry insights were crucial in refining our strategies, setting a strong foundation for the campaign’s success.

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  • Published25 Apr 2024
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