How Belkins converted 10K+ targeted contacts into 91 opportunities for an industrial bulk packaging company

  • 22Pending deals
  • 91Appointments in 11 months
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryHardware Manufacturing
HeadquartersRichardson, Texas
Company size201-500

About BAG Corp

BAG Corp, a prominent provider in the bulk bag industry, specializes in manufacturing high-quality bags for chemical manufacturing, food and beverage, environmental services, etc. With a focus on reliability and innovation, BAG Corp has been a trusted name in delivering efficient packaging solutions for over 50 years.

Responsible team
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  • Targeting large chemical manufacturing companies. BAG Corp aimed to connect with enterprise-level companies in the chemical manufacturing sector, requiring a strategic approach to penetrate this niche.
  • Expanding lead generation. In addition to their e-commerce website and inbound marketing, the client aimed to broaden their lead generation methods to reach a wider audience.


ICP elaboration

  • Industry focus. Initially, our campaign targeted large chemical manufacturing companies in the U.S., with employee sizes ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. Later, we broaden the approach to encompass sectors such as food and beverage manufacturing, environmental, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, building materials, metals, mining, oil and gas, etc.
  • Revenue-based targeting. As the campaign progressed and the pool of companies in these sectors narrowed, our focus shifted to targeting companies based on their revenue.

Diverse outreach strategies

  • Referral approach. We kick-started the campaign with a referral approach, which proved highly effective in scheduling qualified appointments.

Referral Approach for Bag Corp

  • Seasonal adjustments. Due to seasonality issues, we adopted a more laser-focused approach, experimenting specifically with the pharmaceutical industry, while still maintaining the effectiveness of the referral approach.

Seasonal and Industry Approach for BagCorp

  • Custom campaigns. We also developed customized campaigns targeting wind farms. We categorized them based on their previous interactions with BAG Corp — those who had made purchases via our client’s website and those who hadn’t. The primary goal of these campaigns was to promote the advantages of bulk purchasing, offering more favorable pricing options to these prospects. Despite the wind farms’ smaller scale, we managed to secure 3 appointments, showcasing the effectiveness of targeted efforts even in niche markets.

Custom Campaigns Example for BagCorp

  • Industry-specific experimentation. In November 2023, we shifted our focus to the oil and gas industry, incorporating specific product highlights in our templates and relevant value propositions. This industry-based campaign is complemented by the referral approach as well.

Industry Based Campaign for Bag Corp (2)

  • 22Pending deals
  • 91Appointments booked in 11 months
  • 10,780contacts generated

  • Over 11 months, we set up 69 appointments and received 22 quote requests (pending deals), totaling 91 overall appointments.
  • Our campaigns maintained an average open rate of 41% and a reply rate of 7.3%.
  • We generated a total of 10,780 contacts in 11 months.

Challenges Belkins encountered

  • Meeting contact quotas in a niche market. Initially, the number of contacts generated was lower than expected, prompting us to explore various strategies and collaborate closely with the client. This led to expanding our outreach to other verticals and regions, including Europe and Canada, to capture a wider audience and increase lead opportunities.
  • Finding effective approaches for targeting additional industries. We initiated a strategic exploration to identify effective approaches for targeting additional industries such as biotechnology research and oil and gas, as requested by our client. This involved analyzing and adapting our strategies to cater to sectors beyond chemical manufacturing. The goal was to replicate conversion rates achieved in the primary industry we targeted.
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  • Published6 Mar 2024
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