How Belkins' precision helped a video agency generate up to 9,000 leads and 43 appointments in 5.5 months

  • 43appointments in 5 months
  • 9,000leads generated
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryMedia Production
HeadquartersPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Company size11-50 employees

About the client

For over 25 years, our client, a video agency, has been at the forefront of crafting unique brand experiences. Their efforts are centered around transforming every client interaction and project into an awesome journey. With a keen eye for innovation and storytelling, the client specializes in creating content that resonates across various platforms — from television and social media to digital scoreboards and mobile devices.

Responsible team
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  • Diversifying lead generation. Previously relying solely on referrals from existing clients, the company needed to broaden their client acquisition channels to expand the potential client base.


Specifying ideal customer profiles (ICP). We targeted higher education institutions, specifically colleges and universities with students ranging from 4,000 to 25,000. We focused on Admissions, Marketing, Athletics, and Advancement, with such targeting roles as VPs, AVPs, Directors, and ADs. Initially targeting Pennsylvania and then expanding across the U.S., we came up with a tailored approach.

Crafting laser-focused campaigns. For each category, we created customized email templates. These were not one-size-fits-all but were meticulously designed to resonate with the specific needs and pain points of each department. During our campaign, we’ve applied:

  • Title-based approach: This strategy involved precise segmentation of the audience by department. By focusing on department-specific concerns and lingo, we ensured that our messaging was relevant and engaging to each distinct group.
  • Localized face-to-face approach: We zeroed in on prospects within Pennsylvania, allowing for a more personalized touch. This approach was particularly effective in establishing a sense of familiarity and local connection.
  • Fake face-to-face approach: This innovative approach simulated a face-to-face interaction to re-engage prospects, adding a personal touch to digital communications.
  • Referral approach integration: Across all templates, we incorporated a referral approach, where we asked prospects to refer us to relevant colleagues in their department or professional circle. Thereby, we used established connections to increase response rates and build trust.

Exploring the E-learning industry. We extended our reach to the E-learning sector, targeting the same universities but different titles. Also, we reached out to E-learning platforms with tailored video content solutions.

Testing new approaches. To gain more opportunities, we decided to experiment with the following:

  • Corporate product demonstrations. We started to leverage the client’s experience to showcase product capabilities directly to corporate clients.
  • Professional training and coaching. We’ve been testing various industries by offering specialized training and coaching services to explore new market potentials.
  • Face-to-face engagements in Pittsburgh. Moving towards more direct interaction, we are now focusing on in-person meetings in Pittsburgh (the city of our client), aiming to establish stronger, more personal connections with corporate prospects.

  • 43appointments booked in 5.5 months
  • 9,000leads generated

  • In over 5 months, we generated up to 9,000 leads.
  • Initial outreach campaigns across 4 categories brought us a 68% open rate. Response rates ranged from 12% to 25% across various categories, significantly surpassing industry averages.
  • Our follow-up campaigns within re-engagement strategy maintained a 62.25% open rate and a 7.5% reply rate.
  • Overall campaign results. We secured 43 appointments across all campaigns, averaging 7 per month.

Challenges Belkins encountered

  • Response delays. We faced challenges with slow response times and occasional negative feedback, primarily due to the limited budgets commonly found in the higher education sector.
  • Decision-maker identification. We found that effectiveness varied across departments and institutions despite audience segmentation. This required us to continually test and adjust our targets to better identify and reach decision-makers.
  • Navigating bureaucracy. Adapting to the prolonged negotiations and unique features of the higher education sector demanded a deep understanding of its operations.
  • Extended sales cycle. While dealing with the industry’s lengthy decision-making cycle, typically 9 to 12 months, we maintained continuous engagement and follow-up strategies. Even with these challenges, we ensure that opportunities continuously progress in the pipeline, receiving consistent nurturing.
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  • Published8 Mar 2024
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