32 appointments in 3 months for an energy services company, exceeding initial KPIs by 72%

  • 32appointments in 3 months
  • 172%avg. KPI achieved
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryRenewable Energy
HeadquartersPortland, Oregon, USA
Company size11-50 employees

About Burch Energy Services

Burch Energy Services offers energy audits, consults on choosing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Building Management System (BMS) equipment for energy efficiency, and calculates costs of equipment upgrades and savings. The firm specializes in energy management consulting, engineering, and construction services without replacing the equipment. Burch Energy Services is a partner of Energy Trust of Oregon.

Responsible team
iconAccount manager: 1
iconSDR: 1
iconLead researcher: 1
iconCopywriter: 1

Client’s challenges

  1. Narrow total addressable market (TAM). The client’s outreach was restricted to a specific area, making scaling difficult for us as well.
  2. Low lead engagement. Previous efforts didn’t bring much of a result — Burch Energy found it hard to book leads as most of their emails weren’t even opened.
  3. No established process. Leads management was disorganized, the pipeline was stagnant, and contact information was outdated.


  • Setting up the process. First, we analyzed the current company’s outreach efforts and mapped an optimal way to revive the sales pipeline. We brought in lead qualification and follow-ups and established transparent collaboration between SDRs and sales executives. Finally, we automated some routine operations to speed up lead management.
  • Applying referral approach. Based on our previous experience with the utilities sector, we’ve chosen a referral approach for cold email templates. We addressed a specific person in the targeted company and asked if they were the right point of contact or if we should contact their colleague. At the same time, each email contained an industry-tailored value proposition — unique for restaurants, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. This approach was highly successful, resulting in open rates exceeding 60% and reply rates of 15%.

Referral approach template

  • Narrowing down job titles. We started with a bunch of titles in C-level management (like COOs and owners) and engineering (facilities managers, energy managers, etc.). But in nearly 2 weeks we’ve switched to top-management only, as they showed better engagement.
  • Targeting niche industries. We focused on libraries, museums, railway stations, churches, and police stations — all large organizations that may have HVAC equipment issues and a desire to save energy. Religious institutions demonstrated the highest interest, resulting in 30% of overall appointments booked.

  • 32appointments in 3 months
  • 172%avg. KPI achieved
  • 60%cold email open rate

  • Outperformed initial KPIs by 72%
  • Booked 32 appointments out of 18 we’ve committed to just in 3 months
  • 17 meetings were scheduled within the first month, crushing the client’s quarterly quota
  • Arranged an appointment with Burch Energy’s dream client, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.
  • Thanks to thorough research, some meetings resulted in a couple of opportunities out of 1 appointment.
  • Achieved an average email open rate of 60% and a reply rate of 15%, double the industry benchmarks.

Case Study   Review (9) Min

Challenges Belkins encountered

  1. Limited research parameters. Burch Energy had a narrow ICP, restricted to Oregon only and organizations, occupying buildings of 15,000 square feet (1,393.55 m²). As far as it’s not always possible to check the size of the building and there are not that many large companies in Oregon in general, we’ve stuck to the key criteria of 20+ employees. On the other hand, it allowed us to develop more precise messaging.
  2. The client’s capacity for processing leads. Though they were super satisfied with our services, the flow of leads was too intense for their lean team.
  • Reading duration10 min
  • Published19 Jun 2023
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