How Belkins helped an IT outstaffing company book 75+ appointments in 5 months
  • 75+appointments booked in 5 months
  • 100%avg. KPI rate achieved
Category:Appointment Setting
Headquarters:Downtown Redwood City, California
Company size:11-50 employees
Igor Pyatnitskiy
Igor PyatnitskiyVice President at Naym
  • Published
    icon15 May 2023
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About Naym

Naym is a leading B2B IT workforce platform based in Europe and founded in 2021. The platform’s goal is to help businesses hire and manage remote talents from 15,000+ vetted contractors & hundreds of development agencies.

Founded by Xploration Capital, the company has raised a total of $1M in funding in just one round. As an outstaffing partner of Alibaba, they specifically focus on the IT industry.

Responsible team
Yuriy Boykolinkedin
Yuriy BoykoHead Of Account Management
Kristina Ilyushinalinkedin
Kristina IlyushinaSales Development Representative

Client’s challenges

  1. Enter the market. Belkins started its partnership with Naym right after they launched their platform. Their objective was to find specialists who would jump start their business and help identify their target audience (TA), generate qualified leads, test various markets, and, finally, bring them their very first clients and partners.
  2. Targeting different industries and decision-makers. Our goal was to target vendors/partners, developers for outsourcing, and ultimately, clients. Extended requests such as these make it more difficult to identify the proper decision-makers.


1. Testing a variety of approaches. To outline the best-performing campaign type, we tested various approaches among different target groups and industries. How did we manage to come up with highly personalized and effective emails?

  • Utilized LinkedIn hashtags to find specialized conferences. We conducted research on field-specific conferences using LinkedIn hashtags to identify the prospects’ anticipation there. In this way, we were able to send them personalized messages.
  • Incorporated data on exact markets and leads location. Our research was geared at division on various markets as per geolocation, which allowed us to adapt email outreach accordingly. For instance, for prospects from Netherland-based cities, we created tailored emails with intros in Dutch, paying attention to the specific pain points that are relevant to this market.

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2. Identifying ideal customer profile (ICP) and creation of value proposition (VP). We collected as much information about the companies our client was targeting as possible to refine their ideal customer profile. Afterward, we created a value proposition tailored to prospects’ needs.

  • Applying the F2F approach. Once we came up with a custom value proposition, we started crafting personalized templates, paying attention to the prospect’s pain points. A face-to-face approach (offering prospects to attend an in-person meeting) worked the best.
  • Workflow development. The client was looking for appointment-setting experts not only to outsource cold email outreach, but also to manage all the processes in such a way that it could be replicated by their in-house team in the future.

With this purpose, along with lead generation and appointment setting, we mentored and guided the client’s team throughout the entire cold outreach process. We trained them in following up, what tailored messages could resonate with the prospect, what metrics have to be taken into account for evaluation of campaign effectiveness, and more.

  • 75appointments booked in 5 months
  • 50%cold email open rate
  • 100%avg. KPI rate achieved

  • We researched 10K high-quality leads monthly.
  • We set up 75+ appts: 50+ appointments with partners, 5 meetings with clients, and 20+ appointments with outstaffing candidates.
  • On average, the cold outreach campaigns had over 50% open rate, and a 5-7% response rate.
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