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  • 84%email open rate
  • 99%email deliverability rate
CategoryEmail Deliverability
IndustryAdvertising & Marketing
HeadquartersSan Diego, California
Company size11-50 employees

About Titan Growth

This internet marketing company is based in San Diego, offering advanced search engine optimization and pay-per-click solutions to clients globally. It's able to help the clients achieve better visibility and prominence across Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Client’s Challenges

Titan Growth Challenges

A company that specializes in Marketing & Advertising relies heavily on deliverability and visibility.

However, maintaining those qualities has become a challenge with each mailbox service they added to their offering — 10 mailbox services total, all hosted by Microsoft.

It was required that each mailbox performed impeccably, but trying to monitor them individually turned out to be quite a challenge.

Therefore, the client faced the following issues:

  1. Low recognizability. The recipients' mailboxes responded negatively to emails sent from unrecognized sources. Therefore, the messages were often targeted by various filters.
  2. Deliverability issues. Due to the problems with recognizability, the client started experiencing difficulties with ensuring that the company’s emails reach intended recipients.

What We Did

Technical setup

We started with a technical setup. That process included:

  • Fixing DNS settings. The first step of improving deliverability is taking care of the technical settings. In our previous articles and guides, we mentioned that issues with SPF records and DMARC can be quite stealthy, and often require a skilled expert to find and fix. Also, we made sure that each email service has a properly optimized BIMI — another novelty that allows businesses and companies to be more visible and secure online.
  • Implementing extra tools. When your email outreach involves a wide range of services and mailboxes, you need all the help you can get. In addition to must-have services such as MailChimp and, you need other platforms to keep things in check. In our case, Folderly became just the platform.

Why Folderly?

Folderly is an advanced service that has been developed with the latest email deliverability issues and trends in mind. In spite of its rather sophisticated arsenal, Folderly is very simple in use, so it doesn’t take you much time before you get a grasp of what makes your inbox tick.

Folderly offers the following features:

  • Domain health analysis. Usually, inbox analysis platforms provide a very basic outline of what’s wrong with your DNS settings or SPF records. Folderly issues in-depth domain health reports that inform users on the state of their DMARC and SPF records, BIMI, and DNS settings.
  • Mailbox score. This is a life-saving option for B2B USA businesses that work from multiple mailboxes. Folderly displays the score for each added mailbox, allowing the user to see best-performing mailboxes and identify the weakest.
  • Background maintenance. To ensure that all innovations are implemented properly, Folderly runs background checks and instantly notifies users about issues.


It took us around 8 months to fine-tune the technical settings and establish a solid email monitoring routine. However, in the end, we got what we were looking for:

  • Increased deliverability. The performance of email outreach tripled, with an open rate of 84%. Since the average Open Rate is somewhere between 30% and 50%, squeezing 84% was a great result.
  • Improved visibility. With deliverability issues solved, the client established their presence in the online space. By partnering with Belkins and applying Folderly solutions to the email program, the company was able to ensure its deliverability without having to hire a dedicated in-house technical team. With this solution, they improved to a 99 percent inbox placement rate at popular ESPs like G-suite, Gmail, Outlook, Office365, Exchange, iCloud, AOL, Amazon.

Key takeaways

So, what can be said for business owners, who use so many email services? What should they do to avoid similar issues and fix them for good?

  1. Keep your tech settings in check. The way your email domain is identified by other email service providers matters. Make sure that there are no authentication issues and your data is displayed accurately. Also, never forget to create a comprehensive sender profile, with a photo, geographic location, address, and other business information included.
  2. Don’t put too much pressure on freshly created domains and mailboxes. Start out gradually, with limited batches of emails. Increase the volume of emails slowly, so email service providers won’t consider your sending activity suspicious. That may sound frustrating but it will ultimately help you shape a positive sending reputation that will work for you in the long run.
  3. Stick to the sending limits of your email service provider. Sometimes, you hit the maximum allowed volume. After this, you can’t go any further, otherwise, your messages will be labeled as spam.
  4. Get a reliable system to monitor your deliverability. The more mailbox you use, the more help you need. Therefore, getting an email monitoring system to help you with maintaining your deliverability and inform you whenever there is an issue is crucial to your success. In this case, Folderly fits the client’s needs and goals like a glove.
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  • Published4 Sep 2020
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