Outperforming KPIs by booking 90 appointments for a proximity platform
  • 90 appointments booked in 6 months
  • 140%avg. KPI rate achieved
Category:Appointment Setting
Industry:Financial Services
Headquarters:Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Company size:11-50 employees
Will Zimbler
Will ZimblerHead of Business Development at LISNR
  • Published
    icon28 Nov 2022
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    icon10 min
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LISNR is an Ohio-based fin-tech company that develops ultrasonic proximity solutions for data transferring and financial transactions. Since 2012, it has deployed its product in 8 countries and won the support of renowned partners like VISA, Jaguar, and Intel.

Our collaboration with LISNR lasted for 10 months.

Responsible team
Olha Yasnohorlinkedin
Olha YasnohorAM Team Lead
Lera Sydorenkolinkedin
Lera SydorenkoSDR

Client's Challenges

  1. Implementation of outreach tactics. Before contracting Belkins, LISNR had never used outreach. The company’s main focus was to start with minimal risks and tangible results.
  2. Not enough leads and opportunities. Due to a long sales cycle, the client needed a stable and massive flow of leads in their pipeline, which was challenging for their sales department to achieve.

We hired Belkins' services to identify key decision makers within the transportation, mobility, and rideshare sector who could greatly benefit from our services. (Will Zimbler, Head of Business Development at LISNR)


  • Targeting the pre-selected markets. Belkins took over the outreach process using the existing client’s ICP: mobility and delivery companies.
  • No regional limitations. From the start, Belkins team had no limits with picking regional markets. We reached out to as many companies as possible, regardless of their location. This was one of the major reasons we delivered an impressive number of leads.
  • Expanding the ICP. After the client saw how Belkins team outperformed their contracted KPIs, they decided to try out a new market – financial companies that develop and apply mPOS, softPOS, and QR payment solutions.
  • Elaborating value propositions and email messages. Our team of writers and SDRs developed different drafts for each target niche. Within 10 months of collaboration, we would regularly test and implement numerous approaches, sticking to the client’s tone of voice and core communication principles.

You know, getting someone on the phone is the first challenge in the sales cycle, so working with Belkins to do that for us makes our job A LOT easier. (Will Zimbler, Head of Business Development at LISNR)


Sales boosting for financial company: case study

  • 3 deals had been closed within the first 3 months;
  • The highest open rate for the campaign targeted mobility & delivery companies was 72%, with an average of 68%, and the email reply rate reached 9%;
  • The campaign for financial service businesses resulted in 59% average open rate and 4,5% reply rate;
  • In the first month of collaboration, we delivered 140% of KPIs;
  • Initially, our contract should have lasted for 6 months, during which we booked 42% more appts with mobility companies than stated in the contract. This motivated LISNR to extend the contract for 6 more months so we could focus on the financial service market;
  • In the first 6 months, we filled the client’s pipeline with 750 monthly leads, and after the prolongation, we elevated our performance to 1,500 leads.

Our Sales pipeline has grown 20% thanks to the efforts of Belkins, and our lead to opportunity conversation is nearly 75% within the industry. (Will Zimbler, Head of Business Development at LISNR)

Challenges Belkins Encountered

  1. Figuring out the payment technologies of the targeted companies. When we started reaching out to the fin sector, the main challenge was understanding whether they use mPOS, softPOS, and QR codes to make transactions. It required more thorough research, which took more time.
  2. Nurturing and closing deals. The decision-making process within financial companies turned out to be way longer than in the mobility industry. This greatly influenced our nurturing strategy. However, with the help of regular communication from the client and our highly-coordinated team, we quickly found a way out.

LISNR: Video Testimonial

LISNR Video Review

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