Sekisui Chemical
Work on quality, not quantity: 6 appointments with dream clients and 21 total in 4 months for a Japanese thermal management solutions company
  • 21appointment booked in 4 months
  • 15% deal closing ratio
Category:Appointment Setting
Industry:Hardware Manufacturing
Headquarters:Tokyo, Japan
Company size:10,001+ employees
Hiro Masumoto
Hiro MasumotoSenior Business Development Manager at Sekisui Chemical
  • Published
    icon30 Mar 2023
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About Sekisui

Founded in 2004 as a division of Sekisui Chemical in the United States, Sekisui Products LLC is a Japanese plastics manufacturer with head offices in Osaka and Tokyo. The company owns a plethora of subsidiaries, three in which diverse business divisions as well as top global market share in interlayer film, foam products, conductive particles, and more.

Sekisui works with electric cars, for which they make parts based on fire-preventing chemical components. In collaboration with Belkins, Sekusui focused on the target audience encompassing companies that produce electric cars, spare parts for them, EV batteries, and specific thermal management.

Responsible team
Olha Yasnohorlinkedin
Olha YasnohorAM Team Lead
Vita Laburenkolinkedin
Vita LaburenkoSDR

Client’s challenges

Very niche market. Since the client’s goal was to reach out to prospects in a narrow-profiled market, it took us longer than expected to conduct appropriate research on the ICP and connect with global OEMs. Moreover, the client’s request was to only approach companies with headquarters in the U.S.


  1. In-depth lead research. We came up with a solution to focus on a very specific audience and research companies and titles in minute detail, adding domains to the list and syncing with the client afterward. Our researcher supplemented the efforts with a detailed explanation of why those leads were worth moving forward with. This helped us ensure the lead qualification stage was more precise, and this increased the conversion significantly.
  2. Utilization of an account-based approach. Considering the fact that we couldn’t expand the target audience and location, we decided to apply an account-based approach. We created personalized campaigns for high-value target accounts based on their specific attributes and needs.


Appointment scheduling for manufacturing industry

  • We set up 5–6 appointments each month, including apps with 6 dream companies of different sizes.
  • In total, 800 leads were generated, and 21 meetings were booked in 4 months.
  • Sekisui is on the verge of signing a deal with 3 companies.
  • 1 online appointment was booked with one of the leading U.S. automotive manufacturing companies.

Case Study Review

Challenges Belkins encountered

  1. Leads expectations. When we started our collaboration with the Sekisui team, we encountered some difficulties in terms of compliance with the client’s vision and intentions.The lead lists we generated were thoroughly examined by the client. Finally, our unified collaboration and discussions with the client helped us adjust our efforts to achieve desired results. Finally, the list of dream companies provided by Sekisui’s team fostered a successful outreach process.
  2. Narrow target audience and location. Due to the narrow target, our research became quite complicated. Nevertheless, we strategically applied an account-based approach, allowing us to qualify leads in a very targeted manner and deliver KPIs in an efficient time.
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