Database Research
Accurate contact data is the first step in securing a stable flow of leads. Our professional researchers collect validated data that is relevant to your ideal customer profile

Explore all data fields

Establish the framework for powerful sales campaign

Company data
Revenue, number of employee, hiring trends, site traffic
Event data
Business meetings, conferences, workshops, press releases, blogs, news
Company technology
CRMs, Cloud hosting, project management tools, BI platforms, ecommerce
Custom data
Import records, reviews, SEC filings, industry-related reports, latest patents and more

Know your target

Create predictable revenue

In-depth profiling

We use advanced lead intelligence to build unique customer profiles that result in a stable pipeline and an increased closing ratio

Data-driven approach

Our research is guided by the data from your list of top customers, your market segment and the custom qualifiers you use to identify new business

Hand-curated database

We don’t leave quality assessment to bots and automated processes. Each lead is manually verified by a research team member

Data enrichment

Our researchers use 20+ tools and 100+ niche-specific sources to deliver enhanced leads with a high conversion potential

Account-based marketing

Once we find a business that matches your B2B goals, we build an org chart to define prospects that closely fit your customer profile

Result-oriented strategy

We calculate the optimal number of leads for your business, and ensure that each of them is ripe for engagement

Enrich your business

Instead of mining from a generic database, we manually gather leads, preventing duplicate, outdated or cold prospects
We ensure that all of our outbound campaigns successfully reach their intended recipient, at the right time — and with the right message
Our specialists check for a product fit, a price fit, and a relevant decision maker promoting some of the highest conversion rates in the industry
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