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How to Buy Leads for My Business

Getting leads is one of the hardest tasks you can ever undertake. Talking from experience, it can take years to finally figure out how to generate leads and create a substantial lead list. The good news is, though, that you can skip all that labor and mental strain and just purchase a lead list. The question you are probably thirsting to get answers to is “how to buy leads for my business?” Here is what you need to do to ensure that you buy qualitative leads that spur your business. 

Is Buying Leads Legal? 

If you are dealing with a registered reputable company, then yes, buying leads is legal. However, if you decide to cut corners and costs, then buy leads from shady companies. In the end, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law. If you are not accustomed to leads, let Belkins tell you all about business lead generation.

When and why should you purchase leads?

It is one of the most important questions that we are to answer in this article. If you buy business leads without necessarily identifying the reason why you are doing it, chances are you are going to end up feeling a bit cheated. That is why we must highlight the main reasons why you should purchase leads. There are dozens of benefits that you are going to rip, but here are the main ones that you should expect. 

It Is Cost-Effective 

The main benefit that buying leads brings is cost-effectiveness. Building a lead list on your own is going to cost much time and money. You will need a website, content, social media presence, and means to compile the leads. All these elements will lead to additional expenses. Buying leads now cuts most of the costs that you will have to incur if you do decide to go around things on your own. When you skip the lead generation process, all you have to worry about is following up on the leads you’ve bought and making sure that you turn them into clients. 

Easy Performance Assessment

Other available means of acquiring leads are not quite comprehensive when it comes to assessing progress in your lead generation strategy. It means that most of the analysis you will make is flawed and will not give you a perfect picture. 

If you decide to purchase leads from a reputable service provider, they will also include a side service assessment tool into the package. A performance dashboard is pretty much a standard for lead distribution services. The lead dashboard provides information on calls made, disputed leads, closed leads, and your overall success. The best part is that now most service providers offer you a chance to customize your dashboard. It means that you can choose the statistics you want to see on your dashboard. Amazing, right?

High Conversion Rate 

One thing that you have to understand about the companies that sell lead lists is that they are in business because of you. It means that if there is anyone who wants your company to succeed, it is them because their success is hinged on your company’s achievements. It means that the lead lists are often curated and are always up-to-date. 

Lead generation and compilation services usually offer a high success rate - it is often over 75 percent. One thing that we have to make very clear is that reaching such a high number with a lead list you created on your own is usually impossible. It means that for the amount you are paying, you are getting value for money.

Easy Integration 

One thing about buying business leads is that even if you already have a marketing plan in place, the leads you bought can easily slot in. It means that if you have a marketing team, you can just bring them the leads you bought from a service provider without disrupting your already existing system. The fact that most of these service providers are experienced and professional is reassuring. They usually provide integration support as part of the service. 

If you were thinking about buying leads, we hope that these advantages have given you a bit more confidence in your idea. Now it is time to help you pursue it.

The Perfect Guide on How to Buy Business Leads

If you are still reading, it means that you are convinced that buying business leads is a good idea. How do you go around the buying business leads task?  For the most part, you can just log into a site and get your lead list. Simple, right? Well, it is not all black and white. Several tips will help you make purchasing leads not only profitable but also time-efficient. Here they are!

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Leads?

  • Get a Reputable Company

Reputation is everything on the business scene. In most instances, reputable companies have a better service provision trait and are most likely going to produce better lead lists. It is essential to make sure that you research thoroughly before committing to a company. The best way to do this is to look up the company and check out customer reviews. 

One thing that we also have to advise you on when it comes to customer reputation is that low prices are usually an indication of shady service. Try to avoid extra cheap prices - the last thing you’d want is to end up being scammed. 

  • Be Consistent 

One thing that you have to understand about leads is that they are getting cold. It means that they have to be used in time to get the best out of such interaction. Imagine buying a whole list and not using it on time. Taking a lot of time will result in interests having shifted, and your potential customers having lurched onto other providers. Thus, your lead follow-up strategy should be timely and efficient.

Here’s another part of the strategy where consistency is a requirement is the purchasing stage. You will need to make sure that you consistently buy leads. We recommend that you subscribe to lead list services. 

Lead lists are getting cold, but having some new ones all the time gives you a better chance of success. Several lead generation services provide subscriptions. Spending a lump sum on several lists that you are never going to follow up on is, in a way, a dump. 

Where to Buy Sales Leads: Websites

Sales leads are pretty much in abundance. But if you do not know which sites offer the best deals, you will most likely get ripped off. Over the years, some companies have managed to prove their mettle. They have managed to grow quite a large list of leads that most sales marketers dream of. You have to buy sales leads from those sites. 


The first company that we have to put on our list is UpLead. We are easily tempted to talk about the prices, but that is not even the best part. For just around 90 bucks a month, you get access to nearly 46 million business leads. That is a mammoth number, right? Well, that is not all the services. The company allows you to tailor data that will perfectly fit your business. If you are looking for a lead generation service that will make your company profitable, you do not have to look elsewhere - UpLead will do that just right!


Aeroleads is one of the best companies in lead generation services. The fact that the tool is portable and easy to use is just an extra benefit to the accurate information that the service provides. The service is available as a Chrome extension. It means that whether you are using IOS or Windows, you can easily buy sales leads. The fact that it exists as an extension means that it is also easy on your system’s storage needs. The information has been ranked as accurate by most marketers. The curating process has worked wonders for any company. 

The Best Place to Buy B2B Leads

B2B leads are some of the hardest to acquire in the business market. Doing it on your own can be quite futile; that is why it is always a good idea to employ service providers to buy B2B leads from. Here are some of the best sites that sell B2B leads. Make sure that you find the one that aligns with both your wallet and your business strategy. 


Getting sales successfully is one thing that Salesfully does well. In fact, it’s even in their name.  If you are looking for leads that easily convert and give results, it is a perfect site for you. It has some of the best B2B leads available on the Internet. The fact that the company had been building a lead library for over 10 years means that they have access to some businesses you won’t find on LinkedIn or Facebook. The fact that the site also provides a simple navigation system and unlimited searches makes it quite a wholesome lead retailer. If you want to buy B2B leads, try it!


Now, this is a site that gives you access to big boys in the business industry. The last thing you would want when you decide to splurge and buy business-to-business leads is to talk to someone who is not part of the decision matrix. Well, DiscoverOrg decided to cut the middlemen out and give you complete access to decision-makers. It means that you will be in touch with the people who decide whom to do business with and whom to engage with. The only thing that is waiting between you and the big league is your sales tactics.

The site offers quite several pros, the first being quite comprehensive information. On the flip side, most marketers have complained about the companies’ pushy sales tactics. We hope that they will soon improve on that. 

Besides purchasing leads, there are also other ways for B2B lead generation. If you are skeptical about the above-mentioned strategy, you can always try alternatives. Book a call with one of Belkins experts to implement the best practices of business-to-business lead generation.