Belkins CEO highlights bootstrapping over VC funding at SaaStock Local


On April 4, in an engaging panel discussion at the SaaStock Local event in Bucharest, Vladyslav Podoliako, the visionary founder and CEO of Belkins, joined forces with industry leaders Cristobal Alonso, Ulla Sommerfelt, and Wolter Rebergen to delve into the intricacies of fundraising in the SaaS domain. While the conversation covered various topics, Vladyslav shared insights into bootstrapping and angel investing.


"Thinking about approaching investors for your startup? Consider asking a different question," Vladyslav advised, urging a rethink of the traditional fundraising approach. His success in bootstrapping multiple products gives him a distinctive outlook on achieving growth and sustainability in the competitive SaaS market.

Here's what Vladyslav emphasized during his talk:

  • Do It Yourself: Taking the DIY route in building your product not only saves you from diluting your equity but also ensures that you remain in the driver's seat when it comes to decision-making.
  • Bootstrap Your Way to Success: According to Vlad, anyone can achieve self-sustainability with the right resource allocation strategy. It’s all about smart management and having faith in your vision.
  • View VC Funding as Plan B: Venture capital should not be your go-to solution. It's better to see it as a fallback option if bootstrapping isn't feasible for your business model.

For entrepreneurs and startup founders looking for practical advice on navigating the early stages of their business, Vladyslav’s perspective is a treasure trove of insights. From bootstrapping to strategic investing, his expertise is backed by real-life experiences in the trenches of the SaaS industry.

Keen on learning more? Vladyslav regularly shares valuable lessons and tips for emerging business leaders. Dive into his articles for a deeper understanding of how to steer your startup toward success without the crutch of external funding: