Belkins evolution: From agency to a $100M group

Vladislav Podolyako
Vladislav Podolyako
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Belkins has soared in the B2B marketing world, achieving impressive results in just 7 years. Unlike many agencies that took decades to grow, we’re exceeding expectations. Our extensive marketing efforts have helped us reach a large portion of the market, but we’re now venturing into the next frontier.

Our new mission? To become a $100 million powerhouse within 5 years, driving even more tangible growth for businesses, not just setting appointments and enriching the sales pipeline. This is why we’re making a bold move: expanding our offerings.

We’re going beyond our core lead generation services to provide a wider range of solutions and develop innovative products. While we still generate leads through email, LinkedIn, and ABM, we’re constantly exploring new acquisition tactics like cold calling. This allows us to serve a wider range of businesses, close all their acquisition needs, and deliver a greater impact on their success.

We include powerful, complementary digital marketing services, and we’re building our educational hub with network options embodied in our academy and community. This allows us to help achieve real growth for clients, reduce their workload, and become a true and reliable partner for them.

“The efficiency with which we operate makes changing to extend the offerings or buying journey one of the company’s most significant challenges. But we’ve got this covered!” — Belkins co-founder, Michael Maximoff.

Here’s the exciting part: we’re not doing it alone!

We’re building a dream team of 5 stellar lead generation agencies to join the Belkins family. Together, we aim to propel each agency to a whopping $10 million in gross revenue, creating a powerhouse that reaches our ambitious mark. This will be a game-changer in the B2B marketing industry!

We’re on the hunt for rockstar agencies with these key qualities:

  • Strong client delivery team — our ideal partners have powerful teams ready to tackle new challenges and scale up alongside us.
  • Complementary services — their offer should complement what we do best, creating a one-stop shop for businesses.
  • Diverse business models — we welcome agencies with all sorts of models, whether it’s pay-per-service, commission-based, or something totally innovative.
  • Varied client base — we’re particularly interested in agencies serving small and larger businesses.

The advantages of joining Belkins

We’re not just looking for partners; we’re building a supportive group of companies. In this environment, everyone is contributing to our common goals and getting ultimate benefits from Belkins’ 7-year expertise:

  • Clear and simple playbook: Comprehensive instructions and proven strategies to guide success.
  • Support from the Belkins platform: Assistance with forecasting, accounting, planning, and budgeting, which are typically the most painful for all small businesses.
  • Cost-effective tools and go-to-market strategy: Access a powerful suite of tools for outreach at a fraction of the cost.
  • Expert guidance, every step of the way: Personalized support to navigate challenges and overcome hurdles.
  • Wide client network: A robust base of existing clients which opens doors to new opportunities.

But that’s not all…

The foundation of our transformation: Belkins ecosystem

Since 2020, we’ve been reinvesting profits and expertise accumulated across 50+ industries into developing a vast professional ecosystem of software and products. The goal? Being a 360-degree supporter for both our clients and partners within our group, gathering the best practices and contributing to mutual growth.

This ecosystem starts with a suite of standalone SaaS solutions designed to tackle our customers’ biggest outreach challenges:

  • Leadsforce for lead generation and management simplifies lead research and secures a 100% actual and verified contact database.
  • Folderly for email deliverability prevents emails land in the spam folder, maximizing their visibility in recipients’ mailboxes.
  • Frostbite for outreach automation streamlines cold email campaigns.

Our ecosystem extends beyond just software. We believe in building strong relationships, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. By offering these, we open the door to potential partnerships, allowing us to work together and share valuable data. This fuels product development, content creation, and knowledge sharing across our entire network — a win-win for everyone.

The cornerstone of this collaboration is the BLKNS Community. We’re fostering a thriving network of over 3,500 B2B marketers and sellers pursuing expertise sharing and professional development. Here, members can:

  • Access exclusive insights from industry leaders
  • Share best practices and learn from each other
  • Challenge and refine ideas collectively
  • Promote their business and develop new relationships

Finally, we’re building a comprehensive online learning platform BLKNS Academy featuring courses created by industry experts. This platform covers the full spectrum of B2B acquisition skills, including BDR techniques, sales execution, PPC advertising, analytics mastery, effective sales content writing, and more. By providing access to in-depth training, BLKNS Academy empowers B2B professionals to develop their expertise and grow their businesses.

Join the movement

The road ahead is exciting, but it won’t be easy. We’re up for the challenge, and our new mission is fueling our fire. It’s clear, achievable, and measurable – everything a great goal should be.

Become a part of us as we turn this vision into reality!