Belkins wins Global Business Excellence Award in two categories


Global Business Excellence Awards has just announced Belkins as a winner in two categories: Outstanding Marketing Team and Outstanding Business.

Winning any award is an honor for us, but a double win is truly precious for all of our teams.

Our marketing department’s achievements in the last year speak volumes about their creativity and expertise:

  • We’ve made review platforms one of the fastest-growing sources of acquisition, generating up to 100 monthly leads from Clutch only.

  • Through refined SEO and content marketing, we’ve consistently achieved 10% monthly traffic growth and expect even quicker progress in 2024.

  • Our YouTube educational content has gained us 1,330 subscribers and 43,000+ organic views in just 6 months.

  • We’ve launched a new season of the Belkins Growth Podcast, featuring top experts in business development, marketing, human resources, personal growth, and mental health.

These accomplishments are a testament to the relentless creativity and expertise of our marketing team. They are at the forefront of crafting campaigns that resonate with our target audiences and drive growth.

In the Outstanding Business category, Belkins’ journey reflects our relentless growth commitment. We’ve achieved an impressive $10 million in annual recurring revenue in just five years, all without external investments. We’ve served over 1,000 loyal clients across 60+ industries and 30+ countries, with an outstanding 95% client retention rate. Our secret? Understanding our clients’ needs and challenges, clear goal-setting, and consistently exceeding customer expectations.

The Global Business Excellence Awards pride themselves on having a large panel of independent expert judges who select winners according to strict criteria for each category and sector, focusing on financial results, innovation, customer, employee, investor, and community benefits.

Commenting on Belkins, the winner in the Outstanding Marketing Team category, the chairman of the judges said:

Congratulations to Belkins’ team for helping clients maximize lead generation and achieve a brilliant return on investment. The team offers a holistic sales approach and innovative strategies that fuel growth, elevate brands, and foster lasting customer relationships. With a deep understanding of client needs and diverse teams of savvy professionals, they deliver an unmatching customer experience, helping businesses across continents strive.”

Upon receiving the awards, Margaret Lee (Kashuba), Belkins Head of Marketing, adds:

This recognition inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of marketing innovation and maintain our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. We look forward to scaling even greater heights, offering businesses new, groundbreaking products and services, and setting the highest standards across the B2B domain and MarTech industry.”

The winners all have one thing in common — they are truly outstanding at what they do.