Brian Hicks enlightens at the Sales Success Summit


On October 16, Brian Hicks, Belkins VP of Sales, took the stage at the prestigious Sales Success Summit in Austin. His presence and insights not only added remarkable value to the event but also marked a significant milestone in his own sales journey. 

Key Takeaways from the Summit

The Summit was a powerful reminder of the value and impact of genuine connections in the sales industry. It was a whirlwind of groundbreaking ideas shared by some of the brightest minds in sales. Here's a glimpse into the wisdom imparted:

  1. Ian Koniak: Emphasized investing in oneself and pursuing happiness as a path to achieving one's full potential.
  2. Kevin Piket: Advocated for integrating community service into personal life, highlighting the joy of helping others without expecting anything in return.
  3. Brian Hicks: Our very own highlighted how trauma can be a transformative tool for a better life, stressing the importance of active effort beyond mere intent.
  4. Leon Baumann: Encouraged becoming a 'Client Champion' — a relentless supporter for your clients.
  5. J. Pollard: Recommended a 'soft close' approach throughout the sales journey, ensuring readiness for the final ask.
  6. Lynn Powers: Underlined the power of being an ally to Women in Revenue, championing diversity.
  7. Dr. Lisa Palmer: Shared insights into the burgeoning world of AI tools essential for modern sales strategies.
  8. Jamal Reimer: Advised leveraging executive support early in one's career rather than only relying on hard graft.
  9. Scott Ingram: Acknowledged the inevitability of 'funks' and the importance of a supportive community.

1698792270507A Beacon for Future Sales Endeavors

Brian Hicks' experience and insights shared at the Sales Success Summit not only reflect the evolving dynamics of the sales profession but also serve as guiding lights. As we navigate our sales journeys, these lessons reinforce the importance of personal development, embracing community, and constantly adapting to new tools and techniques.

You can find presentations and videos from the Summit by this 👉 LINK