Building trust with customers: strategies for establishing strong relations


In a recent gathering of industry experts, Michael Maximoff, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Belkins, contributed his profound knowledge and experience in a panel discussion titled "Building Trust with Customers: Strategies for Establishing Strong Relationships." Held on November 15th, the event was a melting pot of ideas and strategies aimed at enhancing customer relations.

Moderated by Tim Cakir, CEO of TaskDrive, the panel also included David Kreiger, President of Sales Roads. The discussion centered on the crucial role of trust in business, particularly in the realm of sales and customer service.

Michael, known for his innovative approach at Belkins, shared valuable insights on various topics, including the untapped connection between sales enablement and trust, strategies for outsourcing trust without losing clients, and key performance indicators critical in building and maintaining trust.

The audience gained knowledge on elevating agency credibility through content and unpacking effective trust-building strategies. Michael's contribution was particularly noteworthy for its emphasis on practical, no-nonsense approaches that have characterized Belkins' success in client relations.

For those who missed the live discussion, a recording is available HERE