Harnessing the power of Clutch platform for lead generation


On November 9th, we hosted a webinar focused on maximizing the potential of review platforms for robust lead generation. Michael Maximoff, the co-founder of Belkins, led the webinar, sharing his expert insights and strategies for transforming a company's presence on Clutch into a powerful tool for business growth.

The webinar addressed several key areas critical for businesses looking to enhance their lead-generation process. Michael delved into the art of turning reviews into real, actionable leads and sales, providing attendees with a clear understanding of how to leverage client feedback for business development.

A significant part of the discussion was dedicated to revealing the behind-the-scenes workings of Clutch. Michael shared valuable tips on making a company profile on Clutch an effective lead magnet, drawing from Belkins' own success story. He provided a detailed roadmap for businesses to achieve 5-star reviews, emphasizing the importance of quality feedback in attracting potential clients.

One of the highlights of the webinar was the sharing of Belkins’ best practices. Michael explained how leveraging Clutch effectively propelled Belkins to become the #1 Lead Generation Agency in the U.S. This included strategies that resulted in acquiring 100 high-quality leads monthly and achieving a remarkable 15% deal-to-close conversion rate from Clutch leads.

For those who missed the live session, we have made a recording of the webinar available HERE