Michael Maximoff engages in insightful panel at B2B Growth Summit by Reply.io


Michael Maximoff of Belkins recently participated in a compelling panel discussion at the B2B Growth Summit hosted by Reply.io, sharing the stage with noted industry experts Alper Yurder, Eimri Bar, and Laura Erdem. The panel delved into innovative strategies for integrating sales and marketing workflows, focusing on creating a robust inbound engine.

During the discussion, Michael highlighted Belkins' transformative approach to lead qualification, which has notably doubled our conversion rates. This method involves an automated playbook in HubSpot featuring 10 critical qualifying questions that assess a lead’s fit and success potential. According to this system, only leads scoring 3 or higher on these criteria are advanced to sales, ensuring that only the most promising prospects are pursued.

Michael and his fellow panelists explored the importance of aligning marketing and sales to streamline the lead generation process. He emphasized that focusing on effective acquisition channels and reducing friction for prospects are key to enhancing engagement and conversions. For Belkins, leveraging strengths such as cold emailing, supplemented by strategic inbound tactics, has been crucial in building a seamless funnel.

Also, the panel addressed the need for businesses to make interactions with prospects as straightforward as possible. Michael pointed out that simple tools like a "Book a Call" button can significantly increase customer engagement by minimizing obstacles to initial contact.

For those interested in the detailed strategies and tips discussed during the panel, the recording of the session is available for viewing. 

Belkins continues to be at the forefront of sales and marketing innovation, further demonstrating our commitment to sharing knowledge and best practices that propel the industry forward.