Seal the Deal: a fresh take on closing SaaS sales


On May 16, Belkins hosted the "Seal the Deal: Closing Outbound Leads in SaaS" event, where sales enthusiasts came together to crack the code on sealing SaaS deals. It was a dynamic discussion packed with straightforward tips and deep dives into the sales process, tailored for SMB, mid-market, and enterprise contexts.

Here’s the scoop on what each speaker brought to the table:

Rosie Partmann from Belkins unpacks the pre-closure process

Rosie started us off by diving deep into the numbers behind successful deal closings. She explained why lead qualification isn’t just a box to check but a crucial pillar in the sales process. Walking us through the qualification process from A to Z, she also shared how our sales team leverages pre-closure information to seal the deal.

Alex Dzhurasenko from Reply talks SMB sales

Alex gave us the inside track on dealing with SMB buyers—knowing who they are and what they care about. Her talk on how to handle the discovery and demo phases, followed by what to do post-demo, equipped us with a practical roadmap for SMB engagements.

Tom Rowe from Chili Piper on landing big enterprise deals

Tom closed out the presentations with his three golden rules for winning big deals at scale. He advised setting clear expectations right from the start, focusing on outcomes early, and playing the role of a conductor once the deal is in the bag. His strategies for handling complex enterprise sales were an absolute masterclass.

Engaging discussions and more to come

Hosted by our own Michael Maximoff, the Q&A session turned into a vibrant exchange of ideas, proving that our community is all in on refining their sales game. Michael summed it up best: "Today was just a glimpse of what’s possible when we come together to learn. Stay tuned for more—because this is just the beginning!"

Missed out? Catch the full event on our channels and see what all the buzz is about.

Keep an eye on Belkins for more events that explore sales and marketing secrets. Trust us—you won’t want to miss what’s next!