The Future of Outbound 2024: insights, innovations, connections


On February 8th Belkins hosted "The Future of Outbound 2024", a landmark event that brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry. Designed to explore the evolving dynamics of outbound marketing, this round-table discussion delivered unparalleled insights into the trends, challenges, and strategies that will define the year ahead.

Over 500 people showed interest in this event and more than 250 watched live across YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Meta.

Taylor Ryan from delved into the art of building targeted audiences, and David Kreiger of SalesRoads offered fresh perspectives on cold calling. Ilya Azovtesev from, Brian Hicks from Belkins, Joey Williams from Chili Piper, and Amir Reiter from CloudTask shared their predictions for 2024, sparking lively debates and discussions that left attendees inspired and informed.

Michael Maximoff, co-founder of Belkins and the event's host, reflected on the event's success, "Seeing the community's support and the dynamic interaction between speakers and attendees has been incredibly rewarding. We're excited to see what the future holds and look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2025 for 'The Future of Outbound.'"

For those who missed the live event or want to dive back into the insights shared, the recording is available here.

"The Future of Outbound 2024" set a new benchmark for what virtual events can achieve. It was a community coming together to share, learn, and grow. 

Stay tuned to the Belkins newsroom for more updates and insights from the forefront of marketing and sales innovation.