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Knowing how to check if an email is valid is not enough. You also need to decide on the right tools to achieve your aims. It is important to note that performing the deliverability improvements on poor leads is as futile as if you have not done anything. Get an improved quality B2B lead lists by Belkins to make this whole process fruitful.

This guide will provide you with detailed information on how to navigate to the testing menu of your emails. It also lists the best email deliverability testing tools together with their pros and cons. 

Check email deliverability

To test email deliverability, use Salesforce. Your email address should receive 32 emails with different IPS from Salesforce. Even if just one email is missing, your clients might not be able to receive emails from you via Salesforce.

Email deliverability test

First, enter the setup menu and go to administration setup. From admin setup, navigate to email administration and select test deliverability. Perform the following steps:

  1. Input your business email address and select “send.”
  2. Salesforce will automatically send 32 test emails to the business email address entered. Each test email will have an IP address.
  3. Go to your business email address and check if you received all 32 emails. If the number of emails is less, then contact your email administrator to solve any underlying issue, which is preventing you from receiving all the emails.

How to check if an email is valid. Best Tools

Below is the list of the best third-party email deliverability testing tools available. Read the guide to know the capabilities of each one. Each possesses different qualities as they are concerned with improving your email deliverability. For quality business leads, Belkins helps you with experienced B2B email leads. On top of using one of the tools below, you can contact them for more business growth through increased business effectiveness.

Email deliverability testing tools


Unlike other deliverability testing tools, SenderScore does not produce a detailed data report of numerous factors. However, it concentrates on the few critical factors that affect your reputation. Basic information about your domain will be displayed on their homepage when the tests are complete. More information on your tests is available once you sign up. You will be able to see the ratings of the IP address you use for mass emailing. This sender score is one of the essential factors when looking at email deliverability, as it is one of the metrics used by spam filters for determining the admission of your emails into the email leads’ inbox. The downside of SenderScore is that it does not provide any solutions on how to improve your ratings.


  • Reputation analysis with a sender score from 0 to 100.
  • Provides rank estimation of the email address.
  • Provides a more accurate email deliverability rating.


  • It does not test all the factors concerned with deliverability, which are available in other tools. is a free email deliverability test tool used to analyze emails and their content. It analyses different deliverability factors that may affect your campaign. It determines the probability of your email going to spam and provides tips on how to improve the current setup. Additionally, it checks your domain for any authentication problems that may arise, and it constantly analyzes your HTML code for areas that need improvement.


  • Deep domain analysis.
  • HTML code testing.
  • Provides suggestive solutions to improve your deliverability ratings.
  • Provides comprehensive spam checks.


  • A perfect IP address can receive lower ratings as it sometimes uses outdated blacklists during its tests.


Mailtrap is a tool used for deliverability testing on top of other capabilities. With Mailtrap, you can set up a testing environment to analyze all the outgoing emails. It uses a SpamAssasin-powered spam check to perform its tests just like Spamcheck by Postmark. Moreover, it has the capabilities to check the HTML for each message for problematic syntax, which might cause other recipients from your B2B lead list not to receive your emails. It also checks the reputation of your domain on common blacklists to ensure that your business email address is not listed. Mailtrap is the best tool to utilize during the staging and development stage of testing your emails. Other capabilities available include multiple inboxes for testing, message forwarding, and previews.


  • It is a very powerful email testing tool.
  • Inspects HTML elements of each message and provides a detailed review.
  • Plenty of inboxes to utilize.
  • Email redirecting, forwarding, and message previews.
  • Thorough domain health checks.


  • The free account has a limited number of emails that you can test.

Spamcheck by Postmark

Spamcheck is an email testing tool from Postmark, which is an email delivery provider. It is easy to use as you only have to paste your email’s HTML code into the dialog field, together with all your headers. Spamcheck will run the test and provide you with a score in just a matter of seconds. The lower the sender score is, the better. 

You will also get comments on how to improve the following:

  • The quality of your links.
  • Authentication of the sender domain.
  • Text to image ratio to ensure that it does not trigger spam filters as ratio out of the expected limits quickly triggers the spam filters and may hinder your emails from reaching the inbox of your clients.
  • The quality of your email code.

Spamcheck utilizes SpamAssassin to carry out its assessment. As such, it is reliable. It can also be integrated into your app. It is very helpful as it will perform spam checks on all outgoing emails.


  • Analysis report for spam filter checks.
  • Checks the quality of links and the HTML format.
  • Suggesting email improvement.
  • Authentication of the sender domain.


  • The complete plan with all the features is quite expensive.


GlockApps is a powerful third-party email testing tool for analyzing emails. The best part is that it allows you to do so without registering. All you have to do is to send an email to the address that is displayed on their homepage, and, within seconds, the data results will be displayed. It uses 3 platforms to emulate email sending. These are Postfix, Mailgun, and SendGrid. The performance of each platform will be displayed after the test is complete. To get full reports of the test, you need to register first. Unfortunately, you only have 3 free email deliverability test trials. To continue using GlockApps services after exhausting the free trials, you will have to pay.


  • Evaluates email and provides solutions to potential problems.
  • Ability to receive reports on different inboxes before mass emailing.
  • Easy to use.


  • Details of why the email was regarded as spam are limited.


SendForensics is another one of the best deliverability testing tools available on the market. The services are only available after you sign up on their platform. After signing up, you are assigned an email account that is usable by the entire company to test emails. SendForensics tests your emails by comparing its data results to those of other companies using their services. After the test, you get your rank and areas that need improvement. To get more information on the tests, you will have to subscribe to their paid plans. You will get a deep analysis of the data results, including suggestive solutions on which words to replace and the ones to use to improve the quality of your content, which will also increase your ratings. A detailed overview of the sender reputation check is also available. You can check email deliverability ratings and view emails of some of their popular clients.


  • Provides suggestive solutions on email content improvement.
  • Thorough email deliverability tests.
  • Provides solutions on email infrastructure enhancement.
  • Allows you to view emails from popular clients using their services to help you improve yours.
  • It’s used and trusted by many users.


  • Increased and detailed features are only available in paid plans.
  • Customer support sometimes takes too long to respond.

Mx Toolbox

Mx Toolbox is a specialized tool that only deals with authentication issues. Authentication is one of the critical factors used to check email deliverability. Mx helps to improve domain ratings by validating the domain’s authentication methods. The test is simple to perform: All you have to do is send a test email to The test will only take a few minutes. After it’s complete, you will receive an email containing the link, which will guide you to the report. From the data results, you can then assess if your domain has all the required authentication requirements and see how they are configured. Authentications that are not up to standard can then be configured properly to improve your ratings.


  • IP reputation checks.
  • Functionality report on the sender policy framework and domain-based message authentication.
  • Reveals the geolocation of the sender.


  • Early cancellation of their services is difficult.

Should you get an email delivery test?

Knowing how to check if an email is valid is crucial for your business, so don’t hesitate to explore one of the tools on our list.

Alternatively, you can try Folderly software designed by Belkins experts to help you get awesome email results as soon as possible. Give us a call to learn more

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Julia has been responsible for more than 10 projects of different industries at Belkins. She is now leading Marketing team at Belkins bringing alive special content and initiatives to bring value for our readers, clients, partners and Belkins team at large.
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