An outbound strategy that lands over 376 appointments for an on-demand consumer-centric care platform
376appointments booked
$100Кavg. deal size
Category:Appointment Setting
Industry:Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Headquarters:Atlanta, Georgia
Company size:1,001-5,000 employees
imageEmily GilmanDirector of Sales and Customer Success at GoHealth UC
Publishedcalendar-icon7 Nov 2022
Reading durationcalendar-icon10 min

About GoHealth UC

GoHealth Urgent Care is an online health insurance marketplace founded in 2002 that has harnessed machine learning algorithms and the assistance of licensed insurance agents to help customers match a Medicare Plan to their specific needs. With its headquarters in Atlanta, GA, GoHealth UC has a ton of walk-in clinics across the US, as well as online healthcare services.

Responsible Team

imageMariya ValtinaAccount Manager
imageOlena SokolSDR

Client's Challenges

GoHealth Urgent Care works in the healthcare industry and has over 1,000 employees. The GoHealth UC sales team has targeted company sizes ranging from 11 to 10,001+ employees. Here’s a list of problems Belkins needed to fix in order to scale their appointments:

  1. Ineffective sales follow-up. The client saw their challenge in not being consistent and persistent enough in following up with their prospects. From slow quote follow-up to lacking persistence with hesitant clients, low-effective sales practices result in lost revenue and frustration for the team.
  2. Small sales team. The client’s sales department is a relatively new team that has only been in existence in the organization for about 14 months. Thus, having 4 SDRs for 9 states is a challenge for building a robust pipeline. The client decided to outsource lead generation so that their team size could remain the same, yet the sales pipeline could be filled with fresh leads.


Laser-focused follow-up strategy

The Belkins team was persistent in scheduling appointments and getting calls with the prospects, helping GoHealth UC close their biggest deal. They had reached out to one of the largest schools with over 20,000 students 6 months ago with no result. Belkins followed up, booked 2 meetings, and GoHealth UC landed their largest high-ticket sale.

The Belkins team follows proven follow-up strategies. For example, sales reps reach out to leads through different communication channels on Days 1 and 2 and then give some time to process information. Then they reach out again with added value. Each contact is persistent, polite, and has value.

Our goal has been to find an acquisition partner like Belkins and thus scale up. Belkins did a superb job and let GoHealth UC’s sales team focus only on closing deals. (Emily Gilman, Director of Sales and Customer Success at GoHealth Urgent Care)

Created metrics for measuring our email copy success

The sales teams who craft the content must be able to monitor how their content is performing, including whether it is being viewed and having any impact on deals. The company must have internal performance metrics for maximizing quality content and leads — metrics that ensure that only quality content makes it into the library.

Adjusted the pipeline

The Belkins team found that the industry itself is extremely responsive, and the number of responses we've received was huge. Belkins managers scaled the process seamlessly. When the flow of leads increased, we doubled the team and the number of appointments without compromising the quality.

Made use of perfect timing

The timing was one of the reasons for our success. GoHealth UC hired Belkins right in the middle of the pandemic when everyone was in need of testing. And we used it in our templates, reaching out to unexpected industries and successfully closing deals.

Expanded an ICP and optimized lead scoring

We would adjust the client’s ICP, target new industries, and adapt templates as often as necessary. When GoHealth Urgent Care closed one of the largest deals with a construction company, they were surprised as they didn’t expect to tap into this sector. After we tailored their ICP and collected customer data, we set the score criteria. So we generated 20,700 prospects and wanted to ensure that only highly-qualified leads were handed over to the client’s sales team.  

Offered engaging proposals

The GoHealth UC sales team was very flexible and offered attractive opportunities for leads. To make them more credible, we started offering partnerships in the states where GoHealth UC had a partner hospital and mentioned it in the messages. Also, we had an extremely successful outreach campaign with 80% email open rate when we offered a partnership to HRs and Covid testing for their employees.

We have seen significant ROI on each campaign ran by Belkins and have also seen a meaningful increase in our overall closed deals since working with Belkins. (Emily Gilman, Director of Sales and Customer Success at GoHealth Urgent Care)


Appointment setting for healthcare company: case study

  • 10 appointments booked each week;
  • 376 appointments scheduled;
  • 80% email open rate;
  • 30% email reply rate;
  • 4 high-ticket deals closed just in the first 3 month;
  • $100,000 average deal income. 

With Belkins, GoHealth saw a unique line of business open up as they hadn’t worked with the this industry before. They were able to get rid of ‘ghosting’ clients and close deals with lightning speed.

We’ve also been able to get response free from clients that we could not get previously simply probably because our reps were not as persistent as the Belkins. (Emily Gilman, Director of Sales and Customer Success at GoHealth Urgent Care)

GoHealth UC: Video Testimonial

Healthcare company's client video testimonial

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