Simply NUC

109 appointments in 21 months: stellar appointment-setting campaign for a mini PC company

  • 109qualified appointments booked
  • 80%cold email open rate
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryHardware Manufacturing
HeadquartersRound Rock, Texas, USA
Company size11-50 employees

About Simply NUC

Formed in 2015 and headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, Simply NUC, Inc. is a global systems integrator and OEM specializing in mini computers. Simply NUC provides fully configured, warrantied, and supported mini PC systems to businesses and consumers, as well as end-to-end NUC project development, custom operating system installations, and NUC accessories. Their customers come from a variety of industries and include organizations such as Tesla, NASA, 20th Century Studios, Amazon, and Boeing.

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Client's Challenge

Maintaining a steady flow of leads. The company’s goals were plain and simple — сover lead generation needs to produce regular sales. For this purpose, they were looking for manufacturing lead generation company that would build a pipeline full of qualified leads. Simply NUC decided to outsource lead research and appointment setting so they could focus on the sales process, keeping lead nurturing and closing deals in-house.


  1. Careful lead research. Dozens of industries can benefit from using minicomputers. That’s why Belkins team didn’t stop their search only on small and mobile businesses. We targeted global companies offering digital signage placement, conference room/collaboration services, education and healthcare services, kiosks and wayfinding, home entertainment providers, intelligent vending and retail businesses, IT companies, and the government.
  2. Sticking to classic outreach messaging. The hardware manufacturing industry is fairly straightforward in terms of the sales pitch. Therefore, our writing team didn’t need to invent extraordinary messages. We used simple templates with referral names, which worked perfectly to test the audience’s engagement initially.
  3. Adjusting the strategy. After gaining some traction, we decided to focus only on the industries that brought the highest open and reply rates. They were digital signage, vending, kiosk/wayfinding, and home entertainment companies. Having a narrower circle of target companies, we were able to craft more personalized and original messages.

I look forward to our weekly calls, its been fun to talk and discuss what appointments have been set, how everything is going, really diving into the data when it comes to what types of customers, what title is responding to our emails, which industries have the highest open rate. (Kaitlin DeBarros,Director of Marketing Communications at Simply NUC)


  • Depending on a targeted industry, our email open rate reached 80%, with 48% average;
  • The average reply rate of our email campaigns was 11%, with the highest rate of 24%;
  • 10,510 leads were handed-fo to Simply NUC sales team;
  • After 21 months of collaboration, the pipeline of Simply NUC includes dozens of qualified opportunities.

Belkins is great. Anytime I have a question, there's always a very quick response. And the performance reports are very helpful. (Kaitlin DeBarros,Director of Marketing Communications at Simply NUC)

Challenges Belkins Encountered

  1. Hitting the right industries. Though we came up with the perfect source of lead research and fine-tuned the client’s ICP, targeting the right industries wasn’t successful initially. We tested the waters for weeks, carefully tracking the results and communicating with the client. This tried-and-true strategy resulted in 100+ qualified appointments and lucrative deals.
  2. Lead research limitations. After the first months of collaboration and getting the preliminary results, we experienced difficulties with lead research. On the one hand, we focused on the decision-makers from the most promising industries and it brought impressive results. On the other hand, these sources ran out very quickly. Communicating with the client, we decided to expand the IPC, try out-of-the-box methods, and adjust our search strategy.

Simply NUC: Video Testimonial

Simply NUC Client Testimonial

  • Reading duration10 min
  • Published12 Dec 2022
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