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Content & design brief template for online ads

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Content & design brief template for online ads
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Struggling to streamline your digital ad creation process? All your messages and visuals always get lost when it comes to setting up ads in LinkedIn Campaign Manager or Google Ads? Our simple and customizable template is here to help.

Our marketing team uses this same sheet to organize our creative process. Designed to align copywriters and graphic designers, it centralizes all essential data for your upcoming ads, ensuring accessibility for everyone involved.

* Note: You'll access the Google sheet, which is available to copy and edit in the desktop format only

Use cases and benefits:

  • Seamlessly coordinate your marketing copywriters and graphic designers, facilitating collaboration and improving efficiency.
  • If you create ad messages yourself but collaborate with designers, this template will help you store all your ad ideas and specifications in one place.
  • Whoever your team includes, keep all your crucial ad content and design data in one easily accessible location, eliminating the hassle of searching for scattered documents.
  • The document consists of tabs for LinkedIn single image ads, carousel ads, and Google Display Network ads. You can add more tabs for other formats using our tips and examples and adapt the sheet to your specific needs.
  • Use the included examples or replace them with your references to help your team understand and execute your unique marketing vision.
  • Maintain a consistent brand image across all your digital ad campaigns by adding your design kit link.
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