Outbound Trends Report 2023

We surveyed thousands of our customers and third-party companies. It took us almost 2 years to collect and process the responses. And here is the result — a comprehensive picture of today’s B2B outbound landscape, including the trends and perspective growth points for businesses.

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Full and Complete Look at
the Outbound Landscape
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01Global survey

Having clients and partners from all over the globe, we grab the chance to interview as many of them as possible.

In this report, you will find insights into specific regional challenges companies have encountered since 2020.

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02Complex approach to research

The main focus of our study was how businesses leverage outbound tactics, how well they perform, for which of their audience it works best, and what general challenges companies encounter when running outbound.

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03Trends and recommendations

This report reveals the outreach struggles and wins of 6 industries: SoftDev, E-learning, Business consulting, FinTech, Ads & Marketing, and Manufacturing. For each of the surveyed sectors, you will find a list of advice that will help companies improve or re-arrange their outreach strategies.

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6 Industries

We received a comprehensive picture of today’s B2B landscape, potential fields, and rising trends that will help you build your future sales strategy and evolve.

2,500 Respondents

We surveyed our customers and professionals from our network to explore their priorities since 2020 and how they found solutions to their top-of-mind concerns.

2 Years of research

Because the start of our survey coincided with the game-changing year 2020, the report shows new ways of businesses scale and adapt to the new reality.

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This report will be helpful for:
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    Business owners
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    CEOs, CMOs
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    Heads of sales and marketing
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    Lead generation & sales specialists
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Get the ultimate insights on the B2B trends
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