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How a marketing agency achieved $715K profit from appointment setting

  • 89appointments booked in the first year
  • 56%cold email open rate
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryAdvertising & Marketing
HeadquartersPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Company size11-50 employees

About Mole Street

The team of Mole Street lends its expertise in marketing to small businesses. Starting with local cities and states next to Philadelphia, the company ended up providing its services to the entire United States.

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The client had a great background in marketing and sales, but had some difficulties. Looking for B2B lead generation service for marketing agencies, Mole Street turned to Belkins to assist them with the following:

  • A large amount of no-shows. In spite of scoring a decent number of appointments, the prospects had the tendency of not showing up. The client wanted to understand the reasons behind that issue and looked for ways to fix it.
  • Need for more appointments. Appointments are essential for the company’s growth. The more plans business owners have, the more appointments they must book and convert into deals. To keep growing and expanding its services, Mole Street needed to quadruple the current appointment setting rate. Therefore, the client realized the need for new tools, tactics, and campaigns.
  • Lack of experience with cold outreach. The client wanted to pick the most relevant, high-value business leads and required the tools and strategies for finding them. Additionally, the client needed to shape a value proposition that would appeal to the most important lead groups. However, the client had no previous experience with building b2b lead lists, lead validation, and cold outreach campaigns, so seeking assistance from a skilled acquisition partner was a logical step towards improvement.


  • Strategic research. Our work with the client started shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to conduct the most efficient strategy, we took a monthly pause to research industries and outline the most promising prospects.

As a result, we made a list of nearly 1500 fast-growing businesses that met the client’s qualifiers.

  • Template crafting and customization. To engage the leads from the list properly, we crafted a set of different templates for every industry. We used such variables as “Problem”, “Solution” and “Examples”.

  • Industry testing. With our list and templates ready, we started our testing. At this stage, our goal was to find the best fit for the client and ensure top productivity. We launched several campaigns, monitoring and comparing the results.

With that approach, we found out that IT, Professional Services, and Finance were the best industries for Mole Street. It allowed us to expand the current ICP and apply new changes to our strategy.


  • Tripled the number of leads. Following the customer’s intention to increase appointments, we increased the number of new business leads. Even though it allowed us to proceed towards our goal, it also increased the risk of spam issues and deliverability.

During this stage, we inevitably ran into technical issues that prevented sending more emails to more leads. To overcome this challenge, we did the following:

  • Created a new domain. With the right knowledge, it’s easier to create and warm up a new domain for email outreach rather than exert an existing one. The purpose of a new domain was to fuel our current campaigns and work with the bulk of emails without agitating spam filters.
  • Divided our list of leads into two groups. To reduce the pressure on our main domain, we split our leads into two segments and assigned each group to a separate domain.
  • Gradually introduced new leads. We warmed up each domain in turn and took pauses between using each mailbox. It was a slow and steady approach that helped us distribute the load as healthily as possible.

This strategy allowed us to overcome the technical issues and keep our campaigns going at the most productive pace.

  • Algorithm for no-shows. In the course of our work, we stayed focused on dealing with the high rate of no-shows by building an algorithm for the client.

Within this strategy, the client’s team was to:

A) Call every no-show and ask them, whether they’re ready to start the conversation. A direct approach demonstrates the vendor’s intent and dedication, motivating prospects to interact with sales reps and engage in conversations

B) Reschedule the meeting and inform no-shows via message. In this message, sales reps asked the prospects whether they approved of the rescheduled date. Additionally, they invited prospects to offer a more convenient time slot or give a certain “Yes/No” regarding the appointment. Such display of tactfulness and willingness to work around complications is usually very inviting to prospects as it shows that the vendor is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate potential customers.


  • We increased the number of b2b leadsfor the client and supplied the Mole Street’s sales funnel with exclusive qualified prospects that were capable of bringing around $375,000 of profit.
  • Our outreach techniques and domain warmup allowed us to achieve a 50% Open Rate. As a result, the number of responses from prospects has doubled and we filled the client’s sales pipeline with qualified opportunities that will bring around $715,000 of profit.
  • After figuring out the core audience and adjusting our strategy and the client’s ICP accordingly, the appointment conversion rate instantly increased by 1% and kept growing. In a year of constant work and nurturing, we managed to book around 89 highly promising appointments.
  • Out of these appointments, the client closed 4 deals worth $130 000 and has pending deals, with value ranging between $85,000 and $100,000.

Key takeaways

  • Explore cold outreach. In the world of B2B, cold outreach remains the best way to showcase your expertise and promote it to your target audience. Use it wisely and ask a qualified expert for assistance to unlock all the benefits.
  • Look out for leaders and fighters. Whenever there is a crisis capable of changing the world order and affecting your workflow, you need to reassess your priorities and find a new core audience. The previously ignored industries might be blooming right now - helping them would help your business.
  • Pick up the speed, but stay cautious. Whenever you increase the number of processed and nurtured leads, you must remember that your mailbox and domain need time to adjust. Don’t violate your sending limit, dedicate some of your time to domain warmup or create an additional domain to power up your outreach.
  • Don’t give up because of no-shows. Sometimes, your prospect needs some extra motivation. Reach out to no-shows, offer solutions - and they will see that they’re dealing with a vendor who treats agreements seriously.
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  • Published9 Mar 2021
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