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Struggling to establish yourself on LinkedIn? We'll provide your outreach and content, so you can enjoy more visibility, connections, and sales.
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Daniel Rendon
CEO of SUJO / Odeon Media Inc.
“As a result of the Linkedin Influencer Program, I received 65,000 extra post views in my first month, resulting in 25% to my website traffic”
Pour Rocket Fuel
on Your Linkedin Presence
Social Strategy
Social Strategy
We'll identify up to five of your top prospect personas, then develop a LinkedIn strategy that'll appeal directly to them.
Original Content
You'll have three unique pieces of content posted to LinkedIn on your behalf each week, all written in your style.
Original Content
Engaged Follow-ups
Engaged Follow-ups
We follow up on every response you receive, nurturing any interest and qualifying leads ready for your sales team.
Filled Sales Pipeline
By building a strong foundation of engaging content and an active network, you'll be able to leverage your influence to make more sales.
Social Strategy
Increase Your Reach on the World's Largest Professional Network
Here are some of the results people have already enjoyed:
Thousands more connections in line with your goals
More than 50,000 views in just one month
Hundreds of people engaging with content every week
Put your face infront of your key prospects
Unique content with eye-catching imagery designed to start a conversation
Get in exclusive 1% club with over 100K view per post.
How It Works
It all starts with learning about you and your clients. You'll have two seasoned team members dedicated to account who'll help you discover your ideal audience and the topics that resonate most with them.
Content Creation
By publishing content that makes LinkedIn happy and that people actually want to read, your authority and influence grow. This leads to more organic growth, more views, and more connections.
Organic Growth
It all starts with learning about you and your clients. You'll have two seasoned team members dedicated to account who'll help you discover your ideal audience and the topics that resonate most with them.
Audience Engagement
By publishing content that makes LinkedIn happy and that people actually want to read, your authority and influence grow. This leads to more organic growth, more views, and more connections.
Marta Meverden
Director of Marketing / Shelby Williams
“Getting our name out in front of customers that have not been aware of who we are increased our sales by 25%.”
"Is this right for me?"
The LinkedIn Influencer Program is for professionals who understand how important it is to build a strong reputation as thought leaders and influencers in their niche. If you've seen others using LinkedIn to secure more business but aren't sure how they're doing it, we can help. If you don't have the time to create original content and manage growth on a regular basis, then relax.

You're in the right place.
In today's digital world, it's not enough to just run your business. You need to be a recognized expert, a thought leader, an industry influencer.
The LinkedIn Influencer Program can help establish your expertise and build your company's reputation on LinkedIn. In turn, you'll find it easier to acquire top talent for your business, receive more speaking engagement requests, and build a stronger network.
Being a successful entrepreneur means managing a massive to-do list. By letting us take care of your LinkedIn presence and grow your online influence, you can free up time to focus on the rest of your business.
The LinkedIn Influencer Program will help you share your company's culture, receive more inbound opportunities, grow and scale your business, and help you stay relevant to your network.
Sales Leaders
By the time you first speak to a prospect, chances are they've already researched you online. For B2B customers, that means they've likely looked you up on LinkedIn. What do they see when they look at your profile?
We'll build your company's authority and expertise on LinkedIn, improving your online reputation. Even better, we'll help attract more inbound leads for your sales team.
Service Packages
Choose the right option for your situation:
Content Fuel
LinkedIn Influencer Program
Growth Leader
Content Fuel
Cost / Month
Recognition as a thought leader in your industry.
Consistent high-quality inbound opportunities.
Expected results
100k+ views on your content
every month
What includes
Dedicated ghostwriter
You'll have a Belkins ghostwriter dedicated to your account. All writers are native English speakers and are picked for their ability to write top-quality content.
Content strategy
As part of our research, we'll create a LinkedIn content strategy that's right for your business and your target market. That means each post will be all quality and no fluff, designed to help you reach your unique goals.
Custom branded design
Along with the writen content, we'll create artwork for each post that will make your content stand out and lead to greater brand awareness.
All services are supplied on a monthly basis. With no long-term contracts, you're free to change packages or cancel at anytime.
Although once you see the results you can get, we know you won't want to.
Frequently asked questions
Is it really worth building my brand on LinkedIn?
Absolutley. LinkedIn has over 600 million users, with 92% of the Fortune 500 on there, all looking to do business. However, even though plenty of executives are on there looking for quality content, only a small number are consistently delivering it.

LinkedIn offers the biggest ROI for businesses out of all the social networks today, and we`re here to help you get the most out of it.
Will my account be secure?
Absolutely. Your online security is the most important thing to us. Your details are kept secure at all times, and are only ever shared with the team members working directly on your account.
What kind of results will I get?
We will typically connect you with 1,000-2,000 new connections and get you an average of 100k views on your profile each month. However, the exact results you get will depend on a number of factors, including your business, your current activity, and your objectives. We'll clarify the exact results you can expect during the initial consultation.

Either way, the work we do will boost your authority on LinkedIn and help you stand out from all the noise. The best part? These aren't vanity, paid-for metrics. These are industry-specific engaged connections and views, the kind that produces qualified leads and, ultimately, sales.
Is this just about sending spam over social media?
No. Hell no. We hate spam as much as anyone, and we're not about to start using it now.

Our strategy is to connect with your prospects and spark authentic conversations, while publishing content that encourages prospects who'll get the most value from your business to get in touch as inbound leads.

Everything is written from scratch, with your voice and target audience in mind, and always shared with you for approval before we publish a single word. No spam, no exceptions.
What kind of content will you publish?
We start by getting to know you, your personality, and your tone of voice, as well as your clients and what trending topics they're interested in.

Next, we will outline up to ten topics in a week and let you pick which ones are most in line with your brand. Once you've chosen the topics, your dedicated team will write three unique pieces, along with original artwork, ready for your personal approval.

Each post is written by a native English speaker and is designed to promote genuine organic engagement among your target audience.
What if I don't get the results I'm expecting?
In the extremely unlikely scenario you don't get the results you're looking for, we'll always work directly with you to change our approach until we find what works for your specific situation. If, after putting in the work, you still aren't getting the results, you're not locked into any kind of contract. You're free to cancel the program at any time and for any reason.

Most of the time, people cancel because they literally can't handle any more clients. However, if you've not had the results we promised, we'll refund every cent for the last month, no questions asked.
1,000 new connections and 100,000 views every month guaranteed
Whether you're not sure where to start or you want to take your presence to the next level, the LinkedIn Influencer Program will help you tap into Linkedin's true potential.
Want more connections and views on LinkedIn?
Want to establish yourself as an expert authority?
Want to land more deals with clients at top companies?
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