Become a meaningful voice in your industry with LinkedIn marketing and outreach.



Power-up your brand with thought-leadership prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Influencer program is a unique methodology used by the Top 1% of influencers. You can make your brand seen and heard by the most relevant segments of your target audience. Then by creating and sharing your personal and business voice, you can generate B2B leads and reach your decision-makers’ heads and minds using LinkedIn, connect with them through productive and meaningful conversations to convert the most engaged ones into followers, leads, or clients.


Use exclusive content to reach new clients on LinkedIn

How to be a LinkedIn influencer? Start with stellar content! After joining forces with our experienced writing team, you will make a statement with each new post, generating millions of views.

Add more relevancy to prospecting with LinkedIn

Start with discussing industry-specific pain points, end up consulting your potential clients on their growing pains. We`ll show you how to prospect on LinkedIn and make prospects wait for your InMail.

Keep your meeting calendar full of qualified leads

The end goal of our campaign doesn`t stop at breaking the ice. We finalize our LinkedIn influencer marketing program by motivating all engaged prospects to take the conversation to the next level by booking a call.
Ready to boost your LinkedIn?
Identify and engage more leads using the best prospecting practises.

Learn How to Use Tags on LinkedIn

We know how to make your content seen and reposted. With our team, you will be able to use tags and tag businesses to create content longevity and give your posts the spotlight they deserve.
  • Kyle Merwin
    Co-Founder & Strategy Director, Born & Bred
    Belkins has successfully scheduled numerous appointments on LinkedIn so far, allowing us to obtain new customers and close deals. They are constantly testing out new and creative approaches to drive more traffic.
  • Christian Storand
    CEO, TSB Studios
    Belkins is consistent in providing high-quality leads through email and LinkedIn — they have already provided several ones that have been converted to prospects. Flexible, they are open to trying out different approaches.
  • Chris Calhoun
    Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, Ivy Energy
    Belkins performed well during the engagement. The LinkedIn campaign took a while to start up but was invaluable in the end. The firm provided strong guidance for the project to ensure its success. It was a great partnership!

4 Pillars of LinkedIn Growth

LinkedIn profile optimization

LinkedIn profile optimization
Prepare your profile for LinkedIn outreach. Use your bio to spark your prospects` interest. Leave your target audience eager to learn more about you, your brand, and your field of expertise.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation
Turn every connection on LinkedIn into a sales opportunity. Start a conversation with decision-makers by capturing their attention with compelling posts. Generate trust and end up discussing your prospects` goals during an appointment.

LinkedIn Thought Leadship

LinkedIn Thought Leadship
Keep up with LinkedIn trends and let your voice be heard. Participate in community discussions, add more excitement to your readers' feed with bright visuals and fascinating content. Offer advice and spread awareness.

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting
Wrap your LinkedIn outreach up with booking appointments in your meeting calendar. Become a helpful and reliable figure for your target audience. Reduce the risk of no-shows and increase your retention.
LinkedIn Page Analysis
Gain an advantage over your competitors by exploring your strongest sides via detailed audit.
Explore LinkedIn Influencer Program
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Explore LinkedIn Influencer Program

Master your LinkedIn outreach skills right now. Follow our LinkedIn Influencer program step by step with this comprehensive guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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