Episode #23. Deconstructing the Modern CFO with Jeff Bruno

Talking Business Growth with Belkins
Season 1
Oct 22, 2020
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The guest of the day is Jeff Bruno.

CEO of Your Outsourced CFO. 

Jeff is CEO of Your Outsourced CFO. The firm helps small to medium-sized companies understand how their “Why” or goals can trickle down to a cohesive financial strategy to implement and manage growth milestones. 


Your Outsourced CFO helps growing companies improve their STRESS.

They offer:

  • CFO Level Financial & Operational Strategies to Help with Business Growth
  • Setup and Train Staff on CLOUD Based Accounting Systems.
  • Provide the Right Metrics to Help Empower the Employees in the Right Direction.
  • Monthly Financial Reporting and Analysis Support
  • No More Need for Excess Bookkeepers or Costly Daily Accounting
  • They also work with and are the liaison for a cadre of experts for your business needs.


What will you learn?

  • Financial planning best practices
  • Business KPIs
  • Common mistakes entrepreneurs make when scaling their business
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