Episode #24. B2B selling in Biotech with Jennifer K. Brown. Tips and tricks.

Talking Business Growth with Belkins
Season 1
Nov 06, 2020
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The guest of the day is Jennifer K. Brown.

Head of Partnerships at The Knowledge Society, former Director, Global Business Development at BioLytical Laboratories. 
After joining BioLytical Laboratories, Jennifer was in charge of the U.S. and EU sales force, increasing revenue from $0 to $1M+ and acquiring 70+ new B2B clients in just under a year.

Jennifer has built a U.S. sales team from the ground up including nationwide full-cycle recruitment, training, and management of the team. 



The Knowledge Society is an educational company that trains 13 - 17 years students as the next generation of innovators.

What will you learn?

  • Jennifer’s experience selling in the B2B biotech industry;
  • Tricks and hacks Jennifer learned from her time in BioLytical Laboratories.
  • How Jennifer uses this experience to build partnerships at The Knowledge Society.
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