Episode #25. Scaling Products and Growth Hacking with Sean Ellis

Talking Business Growth with Belkins
Season 1
Dec 03, 2020
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Guest of the day: 

Sean Ellis — entrepreneur, investor, the author of Hacking Growth book. 

Sean is co-creator at GoPractice.io. Also, Sean helped to bring five companies to market that went on to exceed billion-dollar valuations including Dropbox, LogMeIn, Eventbrite, Uproar, and Lookout in addition to launching and selling two businesses as Founder (Qualaroo and GrowthHackers.com).



GoPractice is a simulator that puts you directly in a high-pressure role of trying to grow a new VC backed company. You will learn by doing and making mistakes in a safe environment with a virtual mentor who will give you instant feedback.

What will you learn?

  • What is Growth Hacking;
  • Useful tips, and best tools;
  • Sean shares unique experiences in building businesses and scaling products.
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