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What is lead generation services?

Lead generation services are a package of actions directed at generating leads for a client. Either B2C or B2B, a client has a product or a service and a team of salespeople who have great deal rates when they work with qualified leads. Searching for, selecting, and nurturing high-quality leads is the job of lead gen companies that have experienced professionals and specialized lead generation software to do lead generation research and appointment setting quickly and efficiently.  

What is lead generation in a broader sense and why is it important? 

Did you know that 61% of marketers consider finding prospects their biggest challenge? Lead generation may seem an activity that sales teams do by default. Sales reps definitely know how to generate leads and do inbound and outbound marketing. However, new times have inundated people with information, making prospects and leads knowledgeable about what they want. 

Today’s customers aren’t likely to appreciate annoying intrusions, meaning that lead generation programs should be sensitive to leads’ needs and wishes and be diversified. In lead generation, it is vital not only to generate prospects but to target the right leads that fit the Ideal Customer Profile and buyer personas. 

It is not enough to send the leads to a website or a landing page when its content and advertising copy are not tailored to their pain points. Leads need several touchpoints of contact before they are warmed up enough to move through a sales funnel. Only after lead scoring and nurturing, the prospects are hot and ready to make a deal. This is when sales reps step in and do a splendid job.

Many companies outsource lead generation today. According to the statistics, such an approach generates 43% more productive results than the ones produced by inside teams.

Thus, lead generation has become a really urgent and important part of B2B sales. This is why many B2B companies choose to outsource their lead generation completely or, at least, find reliable partners to launch outbound marketing campaigns for them. Whereas corporations can afford to keep all kinds of departments, small- and mid-sized businesses find it more profitable to let their sales teams join in at later stages of the sales funnel. If you see your sales team struggling with low-quality leads bases, Belkins will help you generate leads for your business.

Lead generation process

What is a lead generation process? Let’s look at lead generation through the lens of a sales funnel. In many aspects, the two align. At the top of the funnel, leads are being lured in through content marketing and various marketing channels. Then, leads are nurtured through the inbound way of marketing (email sequences, product trial, demo, free downloads). After leads provide their emails and other personal details, they are scored and profiled to select the qualified ones and book appointments with reps. When leads are passed along to sales, it is the end of the sales funnel. The lead generation process ends with evaluation and analysis because it is in constant need of adjustments and revisions.     

Essential components of lead generation services

Such services are still in demand, and lead generation agencies offer a whole package of lead generation services. Here are a few services that make outsourcing lead generation a worthy investment.

Lead research

Lead generation agencies have massive leads lists and databases. Even corporate in-house marketers cannot compete with the amount of business information agencies have amassed. A top lead gen agency that values its reputation never sells stale leads from outdated databases. They hand-pick the fresh and qualified leads.

Content marketing

Leads get converted when they are attracted to useful and relevant content. Lead gen agencies know how to create and launch a social media campaign, how to increase brand awareness, how to use different channels in order to generate traffic and send it to your website with a tailored proposition. It is important to know that producing content is not lead generation without converting mechanisms. Wherever you publish engaging content, first, the content must be tailored with the right CTAs and keywords, and second, you need to be able to profile and sort leads to meet your criteria.

Social media marketing

The type of social media channel you should use for lead generation largely depends on the industry a business operates in. However, LinkedIn has been huge as the first rung of the sales funnel where brands establish their credibility and do the initial prospecting.

Outbound marketing

Cold calling and cold email marketing are examples of outbound techniques. Cold outbound prospecting happens when marketers reach out to cold audiences and start a conversation about your product or service. Cold calling has a negative reputation, and nowadays, people have little patience for offers they did not ask for. However, the B2B sphere is more open to cold calls, and most reps don’t find calls at work off-putting. 

Appointment setting

A professional lead gen agency knows that between a lead being captured and a lead being ready to close a deal lies a stage of nurturing and scheduling a meeting with a rep. The stage can also be represented as a service because it requires a multi-level nurturing approach using appointment-setting software.

Lead generation software

To be efficient and successful, lead generation is not done manually. Marketers and sales reps use lead generation software to automate each process in lead generation efforts. It is possible not only to automate email sequences and drip campaigns but also ensure email deliverability and avoid being flagged as spam. It is possible to maintain lead databases updated. It is possible to scrub social media for leads’ business information. Virtually, any aspect of sales lead generation needs and has its own tool. Any CRM is essential for lead generation because it is AI-powered, tracks leads, stores leads information, automatizes processes from marketing and content creation to appointment setting.

Generate leads organically

Some businesses see no difference between buying leads lists and hiring B2B lead generation services. There is a difference, though, and it is huge. It is measured in thousands of dollars of loss. Purchased email lists are not effective because these are unqualified prospects who are not interested in your products and services. As a result, your emails will be likely to bounce or get low CTRs; your IP reputation and email deliverability may be harmed as well.

Looking for B2B lead generation services?

Now when you see the entire scope of efforts associated with a lead generation strategy, do you think you can pull it off on your own? If not, we are always here to solve all your lead nurturing woes. Look around and learn more about our approach to high-quality B2B lead generation services. We have a lot to offer, so don’t hesitate to start a conversation and get help.