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Company size
JourneyDXP cover
JourneyDXP logo
From prospects to partners: 125+ appointments sealed for a Digital Sales Room provider
126appointments booked
100%avg. KPIs achieved
11-50 employees
Appruv cover
Appruv logo
From leads to wins: How Belkins impacted Appruv’s 155 appointments in 2 years
155appointments booked in 2 years
125%avg. KPIs achieved
51-200 employees
Information Technology & Services
Pairaphrase cover
Pairaphrase logo
203 appointments and 150% KPIs: How Belkins helped SaaS company expand and grow
203appointments booked in 17 months
150%avg. KPIs reached
11-50 employees
YorkTest cover
YorkTest logo
Penetrating the U.S. market: How Belkins helped YorkTest scale an innovative product and close first deals
5appointments booked per month
95%customer satisfaction rate
51-200 employees
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Celerway Communication cover
Celerway Communication logo
ABM strategy for a telecom company that brought 97 appointments and 144% KPI
97appointments booked in 10 months
144%KPIs achieved
11-50 employees
null cover
null logo
100% KPI performance for a digital marketing agency in Colorado and 100+ appointments in a year
115appointments booked in 14 months
20deals closed
1-10 employees
Advertising & Marketing
null cover
null logo
32 appointments in 3 months for an energy services company, exceeding initial KPIs by 72%
32appointments in 3 months
172%avg. KPI achieved
11-50 employees
Renewable Energy
Monarch Studios cover
Monarch Studios logo
41 appointments in 5 months: outperformed KPIs for film rental studio in LA
41appointments booked in 5 months
80%cold email open rate
1-10 employees
Event Services
Naym cover
Naym logo
How Belkins helped an IT outstaffing company book 75+ appointments in 5 months
75+appointments booked in 5 months
100%avg. KPI rate achieved
11-50 employees
Sekisui Chemical cover
Sekisui Chemical logo
Work on quality, not quantity: 6 appointments with dream clients and 21 total in 4 months for a Japanese thermal management solutions company
21appointment booked in 4 months
15% deal closing ratio
10,001+ employees
Hardware Manufacturing
null cover
null logo
48 appointments and 5 deals in 4 months: targeting С-level executives in $200M companies via cold emails for software development company
$900K new project revenue
48appointments booked in 4 months
501-1,000 employees
Software Development
Codio cover
Codio logo
Over 100 appointments booked in 9 months outperforming KPIs for a computer science platform provider
80appointments booked in 7 months
145% avg. KPI achieved
11-50 employees

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